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Welcome to Little Party Parcels. We have a large selection of party bags, party bag goodies and pre-filled party bags for you to choose from , including traditional party toys and the latest trends.

We offer a fast despatch service, over 99% of orders are despatched either on the same or next working day. If ever we have a problem we will contact you.

All of our party bag toys are arranged into age group to meet the changing interests of growing children, We hate waste and we know what it is like to already have a house full of toys. All of our party bags and fillers are sold as individual items, allowing you to buy the quantities you need at low prices.

If you have a query or require special items we are always happy to discuss your needs.

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    Orange Cello Party Bag

    The Orange Cello Party Bag is a plain cellophane party bag. Every party bag comes with a twist tie to seal. Alternatively, you can fold over the excess at the top of the party bag and seal with clear tape or a sticker to make a fun parcel or tie with a ribbon

    Cello party bags are an economical and functional party bag.The bag is semi-transparent, so the contents will be visible but you can wrap your gifts in tissue paper first. The cello party bags are suitable for a wide age range of adults and children.

    Orange Cello Party Bag – Dimensions.

    The dimensions for this party bag are approximately: Height 28cm x Width 12.5cm x maximum Gusset 5.5cm.

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    Fin Friends Cello Party Bag

    The Fin Friends Cello Party Bag is suitable for younger children. The party bag is a clear cello party bag with a shark and fish motif printed on both sides.

    Cello Party Bags come with twist ties to seal them. However, you may also stickers, ribbon, cord or clear tape to seal the party bag,

    Fin Friends Cello Party Bag – Dimensions

    The dimensions for the cello party bag are approximately; height 28cm x width 12.5cm x gusset 5.5cm.

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    Mermaid Pencil

    A 17.5 cm pencil with a spring mounted wobbly wooden mermaid mounted on the top.

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    Glamour Girl Sticker Activity Book

    The Glamour Girl Sticker Activity Book includes puzzles, stickers, dot-to-dot and colouring pages.

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    Mike The Knight A5 Scribble Pad

    A spiral, plain notepad with a Mike The Knight design border. Perfect for the developing artist on the go.

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    Football Boy Party Filler

    The Football Boy Party filler has a selection of football themed gifts and party bag favourites. The gifts are suitable for children in their early school years.

    Football Boy Party Filler – Contents

    Every Football Boy party bag filler includes the following gifts:

    • a football notebook;
    • a flying glider;
    • a football pencil with eraser topper;
    • a football tattoo, and
    • a punch balloon.

    5 party bag gifts.

    This is a combined gift party bag filler. A selection of gifts are combined together, sold as a single item and then reduced in price. If you purchase these items from us as individual items they cost £1.13. When you buy the same items in this party bag filler they cost  87p. This saves you 26p per party filler.

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    Football Whistle Pre-filled Party Bag

    Our Football Whistle Pre-Filled Party Bag includes a selection of gifts suitable for a child 5years+. Every pre-filled party bag includes a football whistle, football playing cards, a football activity book and a football pencil. 4 football themed party gifts and a football picture party bag.


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    Frozen Water Bottle

    A metal water bottle with a choice of 3 “Frozen” designs. Each water bottle has a 500ml capacity. The pale blue bottle features Olaf, the turquoise and pink bottles have a picture of Elsa and Anna.

    A random choice will be sent unless specified by email or in the “Special Instructions” section in the Shopping Cart




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