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Welcome to Little Party Parcels. We have a large selection of party bags, party bag goodies and pre-filled party bags for you to choose from , including traditional party toys and the latest trends.

We offer a fast despatch service, over 99% of orders are despatched either on the same or next working day. If ever we have a problem we will contact you.

All of our party bag toys are arranged into age group to meet the changing interests of growing children, We hate waste and we know what it is like to already have a house full of toys. All of our party bags and fillers are sold as individual items, allowing you to buy the quantities you need at low prices.

If you have a query or require special items we are always happy to discuss your needs.

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    Fish Pencil, Eraser and Notebook

    A selection of party bag favourites, a pencil and shaped eraser with a fish design and a holographic notebook. Popular with girls and boys.

    We have reduced the price by 8p for buying these two items together.


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    5 piece Christmas Stationery Set

    A Christmas themed stationery set comprising of 2 pencils, a sharpener, an eraser and a spiral bound notebook with lined paper.



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    Dinosaur Fun Pre-filled Party Bag

    The Dinosaur Fun Pre-filled Party Bag includes a selection of dinosaur themed gifts and party bag favourites suitable for younger children.

    Dinosaur Fun Pre-filled Party Bag  – Contents

    Ever Dinosaur Fun pre-filled party bag includes the following party bag and selection of gifts:

    • A forest green cell party bag with twist ties to close;
    • a pack of 7 mini plastic dinosaurs;
    • a finger fright;
    • a dinosaur eraser;
    •  a jet ball, and
    • a mini glider.

    1 party bag, 7 dinosaurs, 4 party bag toys

    Our pre-filled party bags include a party bag combined with gifts and reduced in price. If you bought these items from us individually they cost £1.10. If you buy the same items in this pre-filled party bag they only cost 90p. This saves you 20p per pre-filled party bag.

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    Football Premium Party Filler Only

    Our Football Premium Party Filler Only contains a selection of football themed gifts suitable for a wide age range. The large selection of practical and fun party bag gifts will guarantee the contents will be used beyond your party date.

    This item is a party filler only, which does not include a party bag. This allows you to choose your own style of party bag and still save money. We do however sell the same gifts with a party bag in our Football Premium Pre-filled Party Bag.…filled-party-bag/


    Football Premium Party Filler Only – Contents

    Every Football Premium Party Filler Only includes the following items:

    •  a 4 piece football stationery set including pencil, sharpener, eraser, and ruler;
    • a notebook with the outside football design repeated on the inner notebook pages;
    • a Football Sticker and Activity Book with quizzes and football-themed activities, and
    • football shirt eraser.

    7 party bag gifts, no party bag.

    Our football premium party filler is reduced in price. If you purchased these items from us individually they cost £1.35. When you buy the same items in this Football Premium Party Bag Filler they only cost £1.23.

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    Snowman Swirl Cello Party Bag

    A fun cello party bag with a snowman design for Christmas. H17.5cm x W12.5cm x gusset max width  6.5cm approx.

    Cello party bags come with a twist tie to seal them, but they can also be tied with ribbon, cord or fold down the top of the bag and seal with clear tape to make a neat parcel

    £0.08 £0.06
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    Minions Party Box

    A Minions party box, suitable for food or gifts.  The design appears on the long side of the box and continues around the side. The design is then repeated again on the other two sides.

    Party boxes are dispatched flat-packed, if you press the corners they soon pop into shape. They are sealed with the side tabs.

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    Princess Lip Gloss

    A fun lip gloss with a princess design for girls. Lift the lid and there are two lip colours, one light pink, one red and a small lip brush with brush at either end.

    The colours add a gentle sheen to lips without looking too heavy.

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    Confetti Cello Party Bag

    A Confetti Cello Party Bag. The party bag is covered in bright dots with a green pattern running along the base. The party bag has a bright vibrant design which reflects the fun of a party. The design is suitable for a wide age range of adults and children.

    Cello party bags are a popular choice for party bags due to their price and versatility. They are an economical choice at only 8p per party bag. The wide range of colours and designs also ensures there is a colour or pattern to fit the theme of your party. For the brave mixing colours and designs will make an eye-catching and colourful display of your party bags.

    Cello Party Bags are also a popular way for gifting your home bakes, whether they are birthday cake, biscuits or cupcakes. The transparent nature of the party bag also allows your baking efforts to be seen.

    Confetti Cello Party Bag- Dimensions

    The dimensions of the confetti party bag are approximately; height 28cm  x width 12.5cm x gusset 5.5cm.

    £0.08 £0.06

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