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Welcome to Little Party Parcels. We have a large selection of party bags, party bag goodies and pre-filled party bags for you to choose from , including traditional party toys and the latest trends.

We offer a fast despatch service, over 99% of orders are despatched either on the same or next working day. If ever we have a problem we will contact you.

All of our party bag toys are arranged into age group to meet the changing interests of growing children, We hate waste and we know what it is like to already have a house full of toys. All of our party bags and fillers are sold as individual items, allowing you to buy the quantities you need at low prices.

If you have a query or require special items we are always happy to discuss your needs.

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    95p Party Sweet Bag

    THe 95p Party Sweet Bag includes; clear cello party bag with twist ties, 1x Double Dip, 1x candy whistle, 1x small 10p pack of Haribo Star-Mix, 1xSherbet Tub, 1x Fruity Pop, 1x Refresher chew, 2x Rainbow Dust Straws and 4x Chocolate Football. 1 clear cello party bag & 12 items of sweets.

    If you purchased these items individually from us they would cost £1.09p, If you buy this Party Sweet Bag they are only 95p.

    Please note you will need to put the sweets into the party bag and seal the bag. We do not send any of our party bags already filled, this ensures the bags and contents arrive without being crushed or crumpled after they have bounced their way from us to you. 

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    Stars and Streamers Cello Party Bag

    The Stars and Streamers Cello Party Bag is a bright and vibrant party bag with a stars & streamers pattern. The celebration design makes the party bag suitable for children and adults of all ages.

    All cello party bags come with a twist tie to seal the party bag. Alternatively, you can use ribbon, cord,  label, clear tape or even a sticker of your child’s favourite character.

    Cello party bags are a popular and cheap party bag with a wide range of patterns and colours. This makes it easy to mix and match designs. They are also popular for gifting home baked items.

    Stars and Streamers Cello Party Bag – Dimensions

    The dimensions for this cello party bag are approximately; height 28cm  x width 12.5cm x Gusset 5.5 cm.

    £0.08 £0.06
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    Balloon Sweet Cone

    The Balloon Sweet Cone is a clear cello party bag with a balloon design printed onto the front and rear of each cone bag.

    Every party sweet cone comes with a twist tie to seal the bag. Alternatively, you can use ribbon, clear tape or even stickers to seal your sweet cone. This sweet cone has a generic design which is suitable for girls and boys of all ages.

    Sweet cones are an economical and functional party bag choice for older children. Sweets are always a popular choice with children and provide a choice for older children who have already received many party bags and may be too old for many of the traditional party bag gifts.

    Balloon Sweet Cone – Dimensions

    The dimensions for this party sweet cone is approximately 37cm in length. It tapers to a narrow point.



    £0.18 £0.12
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    Pirate Party Box

    A pirate themed party box suitable for food or gifts and are available in three designs. The party boxes are made from thin card and come flat packed but pop open and are closed and sealed with the side tabs.
    Length 14.5cm x width 9.5cm x height of main box area (not including handles) 10 cm, approximately.
    £0.30 £0.26
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    Minions Candles

    Add the finishing touches to your Minions themed party with a set of 4 miniature Minions figures as a candle.

    £2.40 £2.10
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    Pink Polka Dot Party Box

    A pink and white polka dot party box suitable for food or gifts. The party boxes are made from thin card and come flat packed but pop open when you press the sides. They are closed and sealed with the side tabs.
    Length 14.5cm x width 9.5cm  of base x height of main box area (not including handles) 10 cm, approximately.
    £0.30 £0.26
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    Princess Party Bag Gifts

    The Princess Party Bag Gifts includes a selection of princess themed gifts suitable for younger school-aged girls. This item contains gifts only, allowing you to choose your own party bag. We also have a Disney Princess Pre-filled Party Bag which includes a party bag and the same gifts listed here.

    Princess Party Bag Gifts- Contents

    The Princes Party Bag Gifts includes the following items:

    • A Princess Stationery set which consists of a ruler, eraser, pencil and sharpener;
    • A Princess Sticker Activity Book  and a
    • Perfumed Mini Notebook.

    If you purchase these items from us separately they cost £1.27. If you purchase the same items grouped together in this pre-filled party bag they only cost £1.15.

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    Purple Scalloped Name Label

    The Purple Scalloped Name Label is a quick and simple solution to personalise your party bags. The labels are suitable to be used as a name label for you to write the name of your guest, or you may want to write your own personal”Thank-you” message on your party bags.

    The labels are circular with a plain white centre and a blue coloured scalloped edge. The back of the labels are sticky for you to attach either seal a party bag or they can be attached to a party bag as decoration.

    Purple Scalloped Name Label -Dimensions

    The label is approximately 5cm in diameter.


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