How to remove stickers and temporary tattoos

How to remove stickers and temporary tattoos

Okay, so now the party is over, the other kids have gone home, and its cleanup time. If you’re struggling removing stickers or temporary tattoos, follow my handy tips below.

How to remove stickersremove a sticker

If your child has managed to place a sticker onto somethings they shouldnt, there are two easy ways to remove them. Either soak the sticker in baby oil for 10 minutes and remove, or if you think the oil may damage or stain the surface, dampen the sticker with water then gently use a plastic ice scraper for car windows.



How to remove temporary tattoos.Temporary Tattoo

Temporary tattoos can be removed by washing but if it is a Sunday night and school rules say absolutely no temporary tattoo

s, rub some baby oil into the tattoo. Leave for 20 seconds and then wipe away. No screaming child and no problems with school rules!

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