What are Wedding Activity Bags?

What are Wedding Activity Bags?

What are Wedding Activity Bags and why do we have them?

Children at wedding


The decision to have children at your wedding can be a difficult one to make. We had children at our wedding.  The wedding went well, there were no nasty spillages, everyone heard the speeches, and nothing was broken. Now that we have our own children we know we could definitely have done it a lot better.

Planning a wedding is a long task: we spend a lot of time ensuring the adults have the right food, drink and entertainment for the day but children can be forgotten which is strange when it can be so easy to improve their experience and a lot cheaper than catering for the needs of a group of adults.

Children are very good at parties, but they are young, they do get tired, they do have bursts of energy and they don’t tune into long adult conversations.  This is really easy to cater for and will be one of the cheaper bills for your wedding.

At Little Party Parcels we provide a number of solutions for entertaining children, and some of the adults at your wedding. In our experience we have also found them to be an excellent ice breaker and added to the party experience. Having attended many weddings since our own we do know hindsight can be a useful thing.

Wedding Activity Bags

Activity Bags can provide amusement and entertainment for indoor or outdoor activities. They wedding-activity-bagsare based upon party bags but don’t tend to come laden with sweets. You can tailor the contents to fit the child’s age range.  The contents do not have to be expensive and can provide a distraction for a child for what can be a very long day. Mom and Dad are also likely to appreciate having a busy contented child, allowing them to fully enjoy the celebration.

We have arranged our Activity Bag Items into Play Activities and Quiet Activities.


Play Activities

These are activities suitable for children when it does not matter if they are a little more active. There are a variety of indoor and outdoor items to suit different age groups. They are an excellent way to entertain a child whilst photographs are being taken or after the wedding meal.

Quiet Activities

We have put together a number of items for a table setting which will occupy a child during the meal and the speeches. There are even Wedding Activity Packs with colouring pages and quizzes all based upon the wedding theme.

Table Top Games

We have a selection of small games suitable for a table.  If your venue has a seating area these can be left upon tables providing entertainment for your guests as they socialise with your family and friends.  The games are fun and suitable for all ages to play together.


If you would like to enquire about Wedding Activity Bags further or require items to match your wedding theme  please contact us either by emailJennifer@littlepartyparcels.co.uk or by telephone 01952 253033.

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