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Party Boxes


Party Boxes.   Minions-party-boxes

 Party Boxes are a simple and quick way to add a special touch to your party or event. They are suitable for food or gifts and are a great way to save time and money if you are catering for your celebration.

Party boxes come in a huge range of colours and designs, these include fun party designs, images to match your themed party and all of the latest favourites from film and the television. The party boxes are despatched flat, push the opposite corners and the box “pops” into shape, they are closed with the side flaps making them secure and easy to carry.

Children’s Parties.

If you are a little tired of party bags and you want to make an impact a party box with a few gifts makes an interesting alternative and it is a lot faster to slip a slice of cake into the box and seal it before the chaos at the end of a party

    When catering for a child’s party a food box simplifies matters, instead of platters of food where the favourites disappear quickly and the not-so–favourites end up as a huge mess everywhere. A food box is quick and easy to hand out, children love opening their special item to find out what they have inside and the food is distributed fairly with very little food and mess left over at the end.

Adding a few gifts to your party box along with the food allows you to dispense with the cost of an additional party bag.  A party box with your guests name on it will always find its true owner at the end of the party, saving you time and the headache as you try to manage the catering, entertainment and the role of grateful host at what is supposed to be your fun party.


The wide range of designs means there is always a party box to fit in with your party theme and the major films and television programmes have also kindly released party boxes with your child’s favourite characters just for this occasion.
If you are using party boxes for gifts you need to check the sizes of your gifts and the box, the sturdy frame of the box will limit the size of some larger gifts. If you are considering using a party box for gifts if you contact us at the point of ordering we can check your items fit and the box can be securely closed. You can contact us either by phone 01952 253033, by email  or by using the “Special Instructions” box when you pay for your ordered. We will notify you before despatching your order if there are any problems.

Party boxes are not just for children, the wide range of colours and patterns mean there is always a design that will fit into your colour scheme and add a little finishing touch to your celebration without costing a fortune.

A party box filled with some fun sweets and placed in the middle of a table will certain keep your guests happy, they can be prepared beforehand, transported with ease and you can even tie balloons around them to add decoration to your party

Parties with adult guests, corporate and social events.


Green-polka-dot-party-box A party box filled with goodies is a quick way to add a finishing touch to your event without adding a lot to the cost per head. If you know there are going to be speeches or an afternoon slump a little box of treats is a lot more fun than another plate of biscuits.

If your guests have paid for their seat and you would like them to return for future events a few little extra treats will add to the experience and perception of your planned event.

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