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Birthday Party Bags

Birthday Party Bags


Birthday party bags are the traditional party bag you may have had when you were a child, a small rectangular plastic bag similar to a shrunk carrier bag from a shop (not the supermarket variety) with a design on the front and possibly the rear.

The shape is still the same, although you can now buy extra large Birthday Party Bags if you are really going to town with your party gifts but the real difference comes from the quality of the printing,  the vast array of themes, colours and the speed in which they are available for new motion films or International Children’s characters.

If there is a new international film, popular television character or children’s theme there will be a party bag. The Star Wars party bags were available before the new film was released. The Frozen party bags were a little slow onto the market after the films huge success but it was not long before a even more designs featuring the popular characters were available to choose from.


The real advantage with Birthday Party bags is the way they can support you and your child’s expectation. If your child really wants a Spiderman, princess, Dragons, dinosaurs, pirate, Thomas The Tank Engine or even ballet party you can go to town, buy the relevant themed decorations, maybe a few costumes, a children’s entertainer all to support the theme or you may be able to get away with a themed birthday cake and a party bag, the gifts may not even have anything to do with your party theme, if your child is happy and your party fits your budget then your job is complete.



I found Birthday party bags particularly useful at the toddler’s stage. Trying to escape from a party venue they have suddenly decided this is the best place in the whole word and they never want to leave, then having to negotiate a car park when they do not want to be carried and then they are clutching their prized party bag, the handles really do make a big difference. The fact that they can open the party bag, explore and retrieve their goodies without having to struggle to open the bag and/or dropping it on the floor whilst you try to drive home made a huge difference. An image with a popular character they can recognise all adds to the marvel of the party, even if you do think your life will never be free of Thomas & Friends or Peppa Pig.



Paw-Patrol-Party-Loot-Bag     My-Little-Pony-Sparkle-Party-Bag   Minions-party-bags


When your children are slightly older and they want a say in the theme of their party, they will also probably want their party to be about something they really think is important and want their friends to know about, so whether it is football, Disney princesses or My Little Pony there is a Birthday party bag even if it is not something you would have chosen

Birthday Party Bags are cheap to buy and if you acknowledge some may remain on  the car floor for a few days whilst the contents are taken away to be played with or consumed the prices and designs may suit your party better. The general themed Birthday party bags are 9p each and cover themes relating to ballet, birthday celebrations for girls and boys, butterflies, dinosaurs, farm animals, fairies, football, horses, monsters, pirates, princesses, generic superheroes, wild animals and seasonal images.



If a party bag has a licensed image (this is a recognised image where the image, advertising and presentation of the character is owned by a studio or company) then the Birthday party bags are more expensive ranging from 18p to 20p. We have party bags for the following licensed characters, Angry Birds, Ariel, Avengers Heroes, Batman, Big Hero 6, Bubble Guppies, Cinderella, Disney Princesses, Doc McStuffin, Dragons, Fireman Sam, Frozen, Hello Kitty, Jake and The Never Land Pirates, Minions, Minnie Mouse, Moshi Monsters, My Little Pony, Paw Patrol, Peppa Pig, Sofia The First, Skylanders, Spiderman, Star Wars, Superman, Thomas & Friends, Toy Story, Winnie the Pooh.

Cinderella-Disney-Princess-Party Bag     


General party bag themes will have its constant favourites, film releases from May 2016 which are likely to influence the party bag market include Angry Birds, X-Men, Avengers, Thomas and Friends, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Secret Life of Pets, Finding Dory, Moana and the next Star Wars film, so do not be surprised if your child may attend or expect a party based around one of these films.














Polka-Dot-Paper-Party Bags

Summer Party Bags

   Summer Party Bags.

Polka-Dot-Paper-Party Bags


The summer is almost here and no matter what the British summer may try to throw at us hopefully we will all spend a few more hours outside enjoying ourselves than we have over the winter months.  Even if the weather decides to complicate your summer party plans we have lots of ideas to add to your party bags to celebrate the summer months.

Party bags and boxes 


 Party bags and boxes are the first view of the party bag goodies your guests will see, so a bright splash of colour is an easy way to add a touch of sunshine to your party. If you are not tied to the latest must watch film or party theme we have a wide selection of party bags and party boxes to capture the summer theme.


Single colour party bag and boxes are a bright and bold statement, if you mix a  few colours  together or plain and patterned bags or boxes you can create a bright bunting effect to your party gifts. We sell all of our party bags as individual items so it is easy to mix patterns or colours together to create the effect you want for your party. Mixing colours and designs is also helpful trick if you have a mix of ages and interests at your party and you have tailored your gifts to different groups of guests



Plain coloured cello party bags are only 8p each and come in 11 different plain coloured bags with even more patterned cello party bags. They are made of a thin, cellophane type material and either come with a clear party be with a printed design or from coloured cellophane.  Colours are more muted than the paper party bags, but there is a greater mix available when you use the patterned cello party bags.

Paper party bags have stronger colours and have a flat bottom so they can make maximum impact as they stand waiting for your guests. We have plain, polka dot, zig-zag and candy stripe party bags available in a range of sizes.





Summer Party Gifts

Most party bag gifts come in bright colours but mix them with a few gifts suitable for the outdoors and your summer party theme continues

We have a range of popular summer themed gifts suitable for all age groups

Babies and Toddlers

Bubbles, mini windmills, balloons plush butterflies, wooden butterfly or bee coat hooks.


Younger Children

Flying Disc Shooters, bubbles, butterfly and bugs sticker activity books, butterfly masks, marbles, bouncy putty, gliders, finger flyer rockets.



Older Children

Flying Disc Shooters, marbles, balloon racers, rocket balloons (also known as Tiger Tails), bouncy putty, gliders, finger flying rockets, tornado tops