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Party Bags For Babies and Very Young Children

Party Bags For Babies and Very Young Children.


Safety First


We are frequently asked about party bags for babies and very young children, it is tricky but not impossible. Firstly, and most importantly a lot of items are unsuitable for this age range, anything with a small part may become unattached and pose a choking hazard.  As a very general guide, the safety regulations tend to deem anything small enough to be placed in the mouth or with small parts to be unsuitable for children under 3 years of age.  It is therefore more sensible to include items where the parent leads and controls the play.




Simple Play

When our children were very small we spent hours playing with bubbles, initially they would watch these shapes float in the air, then it developed to trying to reach for them, then crawling and running after them as they became more mobile. Obviously we never, ever let them get hold of the container.

Bubbles are one of our most popular selling items, you can choose between the traditional bubbles we had when we were small children and the bubbles that harden in the air and can be “caught” without popping. We found the traditional bubbles the most successful at this early stage. The big slow moving bubbles can be followed by little eyes and if they do manage to touch the bubbles, they magically “pop” before they can head in the mouth direction. We swapped to the catchable bubbles once the children were a little older. The thicker liquid found in the catchable bubbles is definitely an advantage once your child decides they must hold the bubble tub as well as chasing the bubbles.


Something soft, cuddly and capable of being gripped in a small hand is also a success but this is also likely to end up being put in the mouth and turned into a soggy mass so it is important to ensure that there are no parts which may come loose or any transfers or painted designs which may come loose.






A little light reading and some gooey mush.

Soft books or small board books are fun for young children and can be bought quite cheaply from some high street stores. Once children are starting to feed themselves with small finger food age appropriate healthy snacks such as dried apple “crisps”, or small boxes of raisins for slightly older children are a great and useful addition to a party bag. These items are all readily available in supermarkets and shops selling formula milk. If your child is not at this particular stage of their development it is wise to check the back of the packet for the starting age range or check with parents as all children develop in their own unique way.


  Babies and very young children are still developing and coordinating their movements, they do not have the expectation or the ability to deal with a party bag full of goodies. Their parents will be impressed you have provided what may be their first party bag, you do not have to try to compete with a number count or similar expense for older children to provide a great gift.  If you require further ideas or guidance please contact Jennifer  on 01952 253033 or