Paper Party Bags

Polka-Dot-Paper-Party Bags

Paper Party Bags

Paper Party Bags.

We sell a variety of paper party bags on our website so we thought you may appreciate a brief discussion on the features of each type of party bag to help you in your decision-making process.


  Advantages and Disadvantages

The main advantage with paper party bags is that they all come with a flat bottom so they will easily stand up on their own, they are also available in a wide range of colours making it easy for you to match to a theme you may have or to make a colourful statement by mixing colours and patterns together. This is handy if you have guests of differing age ranges and party bag contents, you can also choose between paper party bags with or without handles.

It is easy to decorate paper party bags, add your own personal message or turn them into fun character party bags. More details on this will follow in the future but if you are searching for ideas the internet and Pinterest are full of clever and simple ideas.

The big disadvantage with paper party bags is they do not come with any method to seal them and stop the contents escaping. This is not a problem if you are stopping at home or your party venue is local but, if you have to transport your party bags to your venue you may want to consider either getting there a little earlier or sealing the party bags with a sticker or clear tape.



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 Paper Party Bags 17p .


These paper party bags do not have handles and until more recently these were mainly available in single block colours but now polka dot and striped patterns are available and proving to be very popular.

All of the paper party bags are printed in bright colours, the polka dot and striped paper party bags feel a little weightier than the plain paper party bags and have a slight sheen to them but the plain paper party bags are easier to decorate yourself.

This size is the most popular for birthday parties, all of the sizes for the party bags are detailed under the description for the party bags. The size of the party bags means four or five items and a piece of birthday cake will soon have your party bag looking quite full in interesting.


Paper Party Bags with Handles 23p, 18p and 14p.

The paper party bags with handles are larger than those without. The sizes of all of the party bags are detailed in the products description so it is important to check the sizes when you are considering the size and the number of items you intend to place into your party bags. The paper on these party bags is marginally thinner than the 17p paper party bags but the bright designs and handles offer a useful alternative.

The 18p paper party bags come with a chevron design which is probably more suited to older children. We have candy stripe paper party bags with matching handles which cost 23p. The paper is ever so slightly better and the ink colour is a little more crisp and bright. We also have a plain white party bag with flat handles for 12p each. The plain white paper party bags are similar to take-away bags, they are a very popular party bag

We also have a plain white party bag with flat handles for 14p each. The plain white paper party bags are similar to take-away bags, they are a very popular party bag choice as they can be decorated or left just plain. They are an economic and effective solution for a larger party bag.


Italian Kraft Paper Party Bags with Twisted Handles. 45p each.

These are the best quality paper party bags we have, the paper on the party bags is thicker and a lot better quality. They are similar to expensive boutique gift bags and they are really popular with orders for our wedding activity gifts for children. The twisted handles and quality of the paper gives this party bag its more luxurious feel.

The main drawback with these party bags is they are not all the same size. They do all come from the same manufacturer but the sizes do vary with a few of the colour options, this will only be a problem if you are mixing colours. Please do check the party bag sizes in the product description before ordering.

We can obtain a few more colours but it is dependent upon the stock levels at that particular time. If you need a specific colour please contact us and we can see whether it is available for you.






Large Paper Party Bags with Twisted Handles. 50p each.

These are the largest of our party bags and you will need quite a lot of items if you are trying to fill the party bags with standard sized gifts, however they are really popular with sports clubs and events where the gifts may be an item of clothing or larger gift.

Unfortunately, the colour range available is quite minimal but they paper used for the party bags is suitably rigid enough for you to decorate with your own design.







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