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How to Choose Party Bags for Mixed Age Groups

 How to Choose Party Bags for Mixed Age Groups.


We are frequently asked for help with parties with a mixed age range. This is more relevant for parties during the school holidays as guests may have another sibling with them. The school holidays also make it easier for family and friends to visit. Our children’s parties always have a mixed age range thanks to relatives so this is how I approach the issue.


  1. Know your budget for each party bag, if you have very young children or babies you can spend less, you may want to spend more on older children…or not! If you set a budget it keeps you focused and saves you getting too carried away as you spend more time finalising your party bags.


  1. Roughly separate your guests into different age groups. This will depend on how wide the age range is at your party. If everyone is between say 4 and 8 years old you may want just two groups, say 4 & 5-year-olds then 6 to 8 years old. If the age range is  baby to teenager years you may have 4 or 5 groups.


  1. Now you have your age ranges consider the theme of the party. Are you having a themed party you are trying to work around? If your party has a  theme you may want a few relevant gifts for every age group to take home. You may not have a theme but have a mix of nursery or school friends and friends from social activities. If you can easily identify a group or theme you may want for some or all of your guests it is worth noting this down against the relevant group/s. This helps when you are choosing items for your party bag gifts. A few core items in most party bags this will make your job a little easier.


  1. Are you planning to provide the same gifts to the girls and boys? If you are planning to provide some or all different gifts for girls and boys, you will need to note how many girls and boys you have in each age group.


  1. Do you intend to provide some or mostly all of the same gifts for all age groups and genders? Or, are you after a variety of gifts for each age groups and gender?

It is easier to combine age groups and gifts for seasonal celebrations such as Christmas, Halloween and Easter when children are bombarded with acceptable cute (or not so cute) images as part of the celebrations. Birthdays are harder,  ideas may have already been formed parties your guests have recently attended.

A Christmas themed pre-filled party bag, only £1 each



A selection of party bag gifts for only 60p each.      

6. Now it is time to start to choose your party bag gifts. Pre-filled party bags are a quick way to buy your party bag gifts at a reduced price, they usually contain generic and popular party gifts suitable for a wide age range.  You can always add an extra item or two to make the pre-filled party bag more personal to your guest. Most of our pre-filled  party bags are also available as party bag fillers which are just the gifts. This  allows you to choose your own party bag.  We also have combinations of popular items at reduced prices such as pencils and notebooks, colouring books and colouring items.

A regular review of your list for each age group will ensure you have not duplicated items and may help with ideas if you are struggling.




Polka-Dot-Paper-Party Bags

Polka Dot Paper Party Bags 17p each

  1. It is now time to choose your party bag. If you are busy at the end of the party you will not want to search for your carefully chosen gifts. Labelling party bags or choosing different coloured party bags and designs can help in a speedy identification.






















Back To School

Back to School.

One of the most popular requests we receive is from parents who want practical party bag ideas that will not end up in the bin 24 hours after the party. Practical means many things to many people but for school age children it is very easy to buy items that will be needed and used within the price range of a party bag gift. Not only is it possible but due to the wide range of design options and themes it is possible to buy items which fit with the theme of your party or appeal to the interests of your guests.

We all have children of school age here at Little Party Parcels. We all have children who have a pencil, eraser, ruler etc. However, come homework time I, in particular, am completely mystified how we struggle to locate a pencil, despite having a homework pencil case, or worse than that we can locate a pencil but it is blunt and all of the pencil sharpeners seem to have disappeared off the planet and erasers are equally scarce, a quick piece of homework is delayed by 10 minutes whilst we hunt for all of the relevant items.

Looking back over conversations with customers over the past 12 months and looking at orders it is easy to see the popularity of adding a pencil for 10p each or a novelty eraser also starting from 10p each but stationery sets are also very popular and are available in a range of designs to make your party bag gift feel a little more personal.



jazzy-pencil        5 Piece Jungle Animal Stationery Set

Pencils 10p                      Erasers starting           Highlighter pens           Small Stationery Sets   5 pc Stationery sets

5 designs                        from 10p, 8designs        20p each                            28p, 3 designs              75p 2 designs


Butterfly Stationery Set  Football Stationery Set  Dinosaur Pencil with Eraser  Star-Wars-Force-Awakens-Stationery-set

4 pce stationery Sets                                             Pencils & eraser            5pc StarWars set


70p, 6 designs                                                               from 28p 6 designs             £1.85


In addition to stationery sets we also have pencil cases starting from only 90p each.



Large Ninja Turtles Pencil case 90p each    Two Tier Pencil Cases 90p each       Star Wars Pencil Cases £1.20


A popular item which is needed regularly for school children is coin purses, in addition to the usual requirements, payments for charitable non-uniform days, World Book Day, Children in Need, Red Nose Day and payment for Sporting activities all ensure your gift will be regularly used.

Star-Wars-Coin-Wallet                                      Glitter Coin Purse

Star Wars Coin Wallet £1.20 each                       Glitter Coin Purse 55p each


In response to customer’s requests for practical party bags we have also added some stationery pre-filled party bags which offer a practical gift at a reduced price for these items.


Star-War-Stationery-pre-filled-party-bag      Stationery-pre-filled-party-bag       Pirate & Sea Monster Pre-filled Party Bag       necklace-pre-filled-party-bag

£2.90                                     70p                                         99p                                      £2.20



Blue Cello Pre-filled Party Bag        Monster Pre-Filled Party Bag      Pencil-case-pre-filled-party-bag-1

60p                                      £1.75                                   £1.50


We also sell water bottles and a Star Wars Gym bag along with our greatly reduced Star Wars School pack.


     Frozen Water Bottle              Star-Wars-School-oack

£3 each                               £3 each                                   £3 each                                     £8