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Halloween Party Bags and Gifts

Halloween Party Bags and Gifts.



Halloween is a little awkward this year, a Monday night on the first day back after the school half term is not the most convenient night for a party. Monday nights are also swimming lesson nights so I will be sat on the side of a swimming pool until 6pm. We normally have a small Halloween party for the usual group of friends and their children each year.  The parties started out as an excuse to get together and to buy our very young children one of the Halloween costumes hanging up in the shops. The children are now older, the party this year will be a sort of Halloween party/half term get together on the Saturday night instead. I suspect a few of the boys may not dress up this year and the main highlight of last year’s party for the children, scaring anyone who dares to knock on the door Trick or Treating is unlikely to happen. The children I suspect will still expect sweets, we will still do apple bobbing (hopefully in the garden) and I will fill a bucket of slime (green jelly) for the children to guess the objects to win a prize


The children are now aged between 4 and 9 years old. I normally hand out a small party bag with sweets and a few treats at the end of the party but this year I am going to make them earn their gifts which they can pop into their own named party bag to take home. I am going to use purple, red and green flat-bottomed paper party bags I will decorate with some sticky spiders I am sure I will find somewhere and I will draw a cobweb onto the bag and write their name.

The party games will have more significance this year if it is to feel like a Halloween party so in a fit of late night madness I have already wrapped up a pass-the-parcel. I intend to merge musical statues and pass-the-parcel. To keep some of the older children engaged I have placed a gift between each wrapper, the person with the parcel when the music stops will only be able to remove a wrapper if they keep completely still whilst the music is switched off.

We will use cheap toilet roll for 3 teams of mummy wrap, with a second prize for the fastest team to pick all of the paper up afterwards. The paper is also useful for any spills later and wiping dripping faces after apple bobbing and slime dipping.

 I am toying with the idea of a torchlight treasure hunt in the garden. Last year the weather was really mild, if it rains this year or the garden is really soggy I am not certain it will be a good idea. My final game will be a jigsaw race. I have found two jigsaws with the same number of pieces, (non Halloween) I intend to place the jigsaw pieces in a bag, the children will then sit arm width apart in a line and pass the pieces down the line for the two oldest children to make up the jigsaw with the others helping once all 26 pieces are at the finish line. The game will obviously stretch between a few rooms and by the end of this I think my job will be done.

I will of course cheat with the party bags, whilst the children are eating I will add a few extra items to any bags that are light on gifts.


Party Bag Gifts

Sweets are not so much of an issue for the older children as the battle for the parents has already been won or lost but because of the younger children, I will mix in some party bag gifts.

This is my list  of gifts and I am not going to be tempted to add anything else  (I hope!)

Rainbow Dust Straws (Cheap and really useful if you are expecting a lot of Trick or Treat visitors)

Softies Chews

Sherbet Tubs

Tongue Painter Lollipops (another favourite to hand to the Trick or Treaters)

Small Haribo

Skull & Bones Tattoos

Jazzy Pencils

Finger Frights

Window Walker Bugs                                               

Bouncy Putty

Stretchy Spider

Jazzy Blowouts . (For home time only!!!)

Another popular theme is the Monster range including stickers, tattoos, stationery items and sticker activity books but I have already used these items for parties in the past so they are having a rest this year.