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Construction Party Bags

Construction Party Bags

It is party season for us, due to a lack of planning we have a lot of birthdays very close together. This is a little inconvenient for many reasons, trying to remember who you have invited and who has responded to invites requires careful organisation. We have just survived our daughters’ party, the party bags were made a little harder to consider as some of the children will be coming to another party in a few weeks’ time. I also like to have a few ideas for future years.

The children at my daughter’s party were mainly 7 and 8 year olds from school with a few friends from out of school. The girls party bags were easy, they all had a quite girly party bag. The fluffy pom-poms were a huge success and according to some of the girls just what they have “really wanted for ages”! (Tell that to father Christmas!). The pom-poms now bounce past me attached to school bags each morning and I have noticed a few more school bags are acquiring similar items.

                                                                                            Small Metal Construction Kit     Vehicle Building Brick Set


The boys party bags were harder to decide upon. In the end, I decided to go down the building route. Lego is a huge favourite in our house, so fingers crossed the boys would feel the same.  In the chaos of trying to cut the cake and hand out party bags whilst ushering children out of the door I was vaguely aware of some of the boys comparing what they had to make and what they were going to make first. I did not expect the party bags to be such a success. I have received thank you text messages, picture messages with finished creations and boys who normally run into school have stopped me to tell me about the items they are building. My daughter is a little miffed she has not had either of the items to build and regularly reminds me I have promised her construction vehicles and racing cars to build at half term. Does it matter to 7 and 8 year olds what they build, or is it the building process they enjoy?

Wooden Construction Vehicle Kit

The boys party bags consisted of a blue candy stripe paper party bag with matching handles, a metal racing car kit, a wooden construction kit and a car eraser. If you are unsure of what you would like to add to your party bags and would like to investigate the building theme further here are some similar items we stock.


Make & Paint Dinosaur     Racing Car Blocks   Mini Wooden Vehicle Kit.