Little Party Parcels- All About Us

Little Party Parcels- All About Us

Little Party Parcels- All About Us



Hello, my name is Jennifer, I started Little Party Parcels when our oldest child was 4 years old.

My very first attempt at organising a children’s party resulted in me spending more money and time than I ever intended on party bags and gifts and then I was left with spare and unwanted items that I had to buy in packs. Unfortunately all of the packs I was forced to buy contained different amounts and none of the packs exactly matched the number of guests coming to the party.

The next year was going to be different and a special party. The party would be just before my daughter started school. All of her friends and their parents who had also survived the early years would be heading off in new directions. I wanted the party to be special, I had “bookmarked” and “pinned” ideas for months beforehand. This year I was going to be organised! Unfortunately, when it came to buy the party bags, items were no longer available, I still had to buy items in multiple packs and buying for a few siblings from different age groups became a very costly expense.

Before children I had worked long hours, commuting over 4 hours daily, now I wanted to be at the school gate for drop off and pick up. I wanted to be around to collect a poorly child and watch as many theatrical performances as possible. The idea of Little Party Parcels was born.

Little Party Parcels has been an interesting learning curve but we have still kept to our founding principles. We still sell everything in individual quantities. I would hope we provide a choice to people whatever their budget may be. We try to add new products and review our products regularly.

We despatch orders Monday to Friday, excluding Bank Holidays. If an order has been placed there is no point in those items sitting on our shelves so our aim is to despatch all orders within one working day. On the very rare occasion, there is a problem we will contact a customer so that we can work out the best plan forward. We may be an on-line business but customer service and the personal touch is still very important to us. We work with many of our customers to ensure they have the items they require within their budget.

You can contact me on  01952 253033, or by email or by using the contact form on our home page.



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