Pre-filled Party Bags


Pre-filled Party Bags



A creative and fun pre-filled party bag for only £1.80


 Pre-filled Party Bags.

What are Pre-filled Party Bags.


The Angry Birds pre-filled party bag includes a selection of fun and slimey gifts for girls and boys

Pre-filled party bags are an all inclusive price for a party bag and a selection of party bag gifts we have selected and then reduced the price.

We also sell the pre-filled party bags without a party bag. Our pre-filled party bags without the party bags exist as a response to a large number of requests for the contents of our pre-filled party bags but customers had already purchased a party bag or they had a party theme which meant the party bag we had selected did not quite fit. Our pre-filled party fillers offer customers flexibility whilst still benefiting from a price reduction

The ideas for our pre-filled party bags are based upon popular party bag gifts, party themes or if we have been able to purchase a popular item at a reduced price and it will make a good value or unusual party bag.

Our pre-filled party bags cover a wide price range, with pre-filled party bags for girls, boys and generic pre-filled party bags for when you need one solution for all of the children attending your party. Our pre-filled party bag prices start from 60p but there is a wide selection beyond this price range to suit your budget.

Why choose pre-filled party bags

If you don’t want an Angry Birds party bag you can still buy the contents at a reduced price in our party filler and choose your own party bag.

The prices of our pre-filled party bags and party fillers are cheaper than if you selected the same items from us individually. If there is a pre-filled party bag or pre-filled party filler you like they become a great way to save a little more money. Our customers either use them as their party bag saving money and time trying to choose a party bag or they use them as a starting point and add a few items of their own.

If you have a party and are not quite sure what to include in your party bag,  pre-filled party bags can be a useful starting point to give you a few ideas and help you to choose items to fit in with your budget.


The Blue Cello Pre-filled Party Bag is a basic party bag at 60p each

Despatch of Pre-filled Party Bags.


Tubby Friends Pre-filled Party Bag. £1.60 each

We do not despatch our party bags out ready-made and sealed to crush and crease whilst on their way to you. As much as we would love to believe that all parcels are carefully handled on their way to you the reality is they will be thrown around, dropped and spun around as they “bounce” their way through their journey. The contents will jostle and jump around, lighter and thin items will be damaged by heavier and sharper objects.

Party bags are made from thin plastic, cellophane or paper, they all crease when thrown around with weight and irregular shaped items inside. Paper party bags also have flat bottoms which makes it harder for them to stand up to the rigours of their journey.  Plastic Birthday party bags and paper party bags to do come with a seal.  The contents of open party bags will fall out and then you will have to play detective re-filling each party bag. We could seal the party bags with clear tape but then you will not be able to open the party bags again to add cake or extra gifts you may have purchased from elsewhere.


Cello party bags do come with a twist tie to seal but crease once sealed and will crease in transit unless we restrict the contents to flat and compact gifts.


A Star Wars, force Awakens party bag and 5 piece stationery set for only £2.90

All of our pre-filled party bags are despatched with the party bags packed flat together. All party fillers and pre-filled party bag contents are listed and similar items are packed together. If you have ordered many different party fillers or pre-filled party bags the contents will be clearly labelled.

It takes a few seconds to fill and seal a party bag. We recommend laying all the contents in their bags  in a line, grabbing a party bag, working your way down the line and then sealing the party bag.

For ideas to seal your party bags please visit our other blog posts.



The Hello Kitty Pre-filled Party Bag is a fun and cute party bag for girls aged 4 to 8 years



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