Parcel Delivery Options- Further Information

Parcel Delivery Options- Further Information

Parcel Delivery Options – Further Information.

We are moving! We will be closed from Saturday 10th August and will not reopen until Monday 2nd September 2019. Throughout this period we will not be able to despatch any orders. We will, therefore, disable the payment options on our website throughout this period as we will not be able to process or despatch any orders throughout the period.

We are leaving our existing warehouse on Friday 16th August we will not have a phone line into our new warehouse until Monday 2nd September.

IF you have any queries throughout this period if you send an email to we will respond to your enquiry as soon as possible.

 Firstly, this is additional information to our General Terms and Conditions ‎and our Delivery Policy

The General Terms and Conditions and Delivery Policy always take precedence and the information provided in this Blog Post is meant solely as additional information to help you when deciding which delivery option to choose.

A full address is vital.

Firstly we must have a full and complete address from you to ensure the safe delivery of your parcel. We check postcodes to street addresses. Paypal and the credit card processing company also check your address against that registered to the payment card and account details. If we receive an order with missing address details we will contact you for further information. Until we receive these details in writing we are unable to despatch a parcel. Occasionally we are also asked by either Paypal or the credit card processing company to check address details direct with our customer. Until these details are confirmed we are unable to despatch a parcel.

Delivery Tracking

We check the delivery status of all of our parcels daily until we have confirmed delivery details. There are always delays in the update of delivery details, if the delay is prolonged we may contact you and then raise a query with the delivery provider to check the status of any outstanding parcels.  If either the Royal Mail tracking system or the couriers tracking details are unavailable, details do eventually update so, the status of a parcel never remains a mystery for too long.

Once we have booked a parcel we are then dependent upon Royal Mail or the courier firm to deliver upon their promises. We can intervene with couriers but it does not guarantee a speedier response and we do contact Royal Mail but their response system can be slow. Couriers and Royal Mail have a query handling system which is dealt with in a systematic order but it can take time for a response and unfortunately, they do not respond to special cases regardless of how urgent your parcel may be.

Delivery Providers

Presently, we use Royal Mail for our standard and express delivery options and Interlink Express who are slowly turning over to DPD local in areas over the next 12 to 18 months.

We permanently review are delivery options, if there are delays, poor service and missing or damaged parcels we will change providers and have done so in the past

The following information is for UK mainland excluding some remote Scotland addresses, Highlands and Islands addresses. These restrictions are set by the delivery providers and the only alternative to these are charged at a considerable price increase. If your address is off the mainland or one of the mainland “restricted” areas we can inform you of the “quoted” delivery timescales and prices.


Standard Delivery- Royal Mail Second Class- Average delivery timescale 2 to 4 days.

Our cut-off time is 1pm per working day (Mondays to Fridays excluding Bank Holidays). We do keep working beyond this time and will prepare orders received after this time, but if we have a large number of orders we know it is most probable orders received before 1pm on a working day will be despatched the same day. Of course we do not know what is going to arrive until an order is placed so there may be occasional exceptions and unforeseen circumstances.

The Royal Mail quote 2 to 4 working days as an average. They do not quote the percentage of items delivered outside of this “average” time and as with all couriers and delivery providers they do reserve the right to deliver outside of this time!!!!!

We do find the vast majority of parcels are delivered within two to four working days, even in peak periods. In 2016 we had one missing parcel and quite a few taking longer than 4 days.

Our parcels are collected by the Royal Mail Monday to Friday, excluding Bank Holidays. The mail sacks are opened and distributed at the main sorting office for our area and tend to be on their way fairly promptly.

There are delivery time variations and it does not follow that the areas furthest away from us or the more remote addresses take longer.

If you are not in your postman may try to leave your parcel with a neighbour but as all of our parcels have tracking references, it is most likely that your parcel will be returned to your local sorting office for you to collect.


Express Delivery- Royal Mail 1st Class. Average Delivery Timescale 1 to 3 Days.

Our cut-off time is 11am to ensure your parcel is ready and booked before the Royal Mail collect

We find this to be the least consistent service out of all of our delivery options. The parcels are collected daily and our Royal Mail sacks are opened at the sorting office and then sent on their way. A lot of parcels arrive the next day, some parcels take two days and some have taken 4 days. We have had some First Class parcels take a day or two longer than second class, “Standard Delivery” parcels despatched on the same day.

All other details relating to the Royal Mail remain the same and information concerning parcels left at sorting offices are covered in our General terms and Conditions and our Delivery Policy.

Next Day Delivery- Interlink Express, changing to DPD Local. Monday to Friday Service.

Our cut-off time for orders is 11 o’clock, orders can be collected from 1pm onwards and we have to prepare and book your order before the couriers arrive. Sometimes they do arrive late and we will keep booking parcels until they arrive. The couriers will not return once they have left us for the day.

Interlink Express are slowly re branding themselves to become DPD Local, we are monitoring the situation as our local  Interlink Express depot has now moved and changed to a new DPD Local depot.

We have been using Interlink Express for almost three years, in this time we have only ever had two problems we have been made aware of. In the first instance a driver took a parcel off his van and left it on the roadside! In the second a driver could not find a house on a new estate so we had the parcel diverted to a local Sainsburys for the customer to collect.

When we book a parcel a notification will be sent to you either by email or text or both, you are then sent a one-hour delivery slot on the day of your delivery, you can change the delivery address (this can delay the delivery of your parcel by at least 24 hours), nominate a safe place or a neighbour. If you are not in when they try to deliver your parcel and there are no further instructions your parcel will be left at a local shop for you to collect at a time to suit you. The shops tend to be within a couple of miles of your house and can be a small chemist or newsagent shops. This obviously varies from area to area.

On the two occasions, we have had a problem with an Interlink Express the local depot phoned the recipients depot and the problem was sorted within a few hours. We have not had cause to test these capabilities with DPD Local and hope we never have to.

Saturday and Weekend Deliveries.

All companies including the Royal Mail charge a premium for a Saturday delivery and in our experience will take the premium but reserve the right to deliver on another day. One customer paid for a delivery on Saturday 17th December 2016. The courier firm collected the parcel on the Friday but did not attempt a delivery until Monday 19th December despite recording the delivery for Saturday 17th. The customer refused the parcel as her party was on the Sunday, after numerous contacts we finally received the parcel back, battered with the goods damaged on Friday 10th March, we still have not had a single penny recompense for the damaged parcel or a refund for the Saturday delivery premium.

We have had urgent parcels delivered successfully on a Saturday but if you think you must have a Saturday delivery please contact us and we will advise you of the price, please do also have a back-up plan if the courier lets us all down.

Once a parcel has left us I am afraid we lose control over it, we can badger and chase the delivery companies but we are dependent upon a friendly and helpful member of staff and all of those involved to deliver on their promises.

What would we do? watch the time

If it was me, the parcel was urgent and I needed time to make up the party bags and prepare for the party I would use the Next Day Courier option to avoid last minute panics.

If I was ordering for a party over a week away and have the time to make up party bags I would use Standard delivery.

Anything in between I would base my decision upon the amount of time I had to sort out and plan all the items required for the party. I would ask myself how much time I had left, how much I would be prepared to pay to avoid worrying about a parcel not being delivered? or how much I would pay to avoid stopping up until the early hours just before a party?


If you have any further queries, please contact us either by phone 01952 253033 or by email

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