Boron Levels in Slime and Putty Products

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Boron Levels in Slime and Putty Products

Boron Levels in Slime and Putty Products have made the news. For those of you with children of a certain age, you may understand my feeling of frustration at the number of plastic boxes filled with brightly coloured gloop littering my children’s bedrooms. If I see another video or recipe for yet another “genius” recipe to make yet another variant of this gloop I may cry. To my delight, my 9-year-old watched the news this morning and decided we may not need too many more slime mixes in our house! Let’s hope we can go back to making biscuits instead!

What is Boron and why should you be careful of excessive exposure.

So what is causing all of the levels of concern? Boron is a chemical found in Borax which helps to make the sticky, gooey texture of slime and putty products. In homemade slime Boron is found in contact lens solution. Exposure to excessive levels of boron can cause irritation, diarrhoea, vomiting and cramps.

We do not stock any slime products but we do sell glitter putty eggs. All of our products are sourced from UK suppliers with rigorous safety tests. We also reject any product we do not think match the standards we would pick for our own children.

Message from our supplier.

Our supplier for the Glitter Putty Eggs issued the following email message today:

Dear Customer,

 A recently published news article has highlighted the high levels of Boron that have been found in test purchases of various Supplier’s slime products and the potential dangers of these high levels of Boron.

 As a responsible importer, we would like to confirm that all Slime and Putty products supplied by Henbrandt Ltd comply with current EU Toy Safety Directive requirements.

 The Boron levels of the items supplied by Henbrandt Ltd are below the restricted EU Limits of Category II (Liquid Sticky) which is 300 mg/kg.

 It is our standard procedure to have all batches of the items that arrive into our warehouse tested by an accredited UK based testing laboratory to ensure compliance to the current EU Toy Safety Directive.

 If you do require a Declaration of Conformity for any of these products, we will be more than happy to provide this for you.

If you are considering purchasing Glitter Putty Eggs from us or if you have purchased these items from us already and have any queries or concerns we are happy to follow up on any questions you may have for us.

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