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Welcome to Little Party Parcels. We have a large selection of party bags, party bag goodies and pre-filled party bags for you to choose from , including traditional party toys and the latest trends.

We offer a fast despatch service, over 99% of orders are despatched either on the same or next working day. If ever we have a problem we will contact you.

All of our party bag toys are arranged into age group to meet the changing interests of growing children, We hate waste and we know what it is like to already have a house full of toys. All of our party bags and fillers are sold as individual items, allowing you to buy the quantities you need at low prices.

If you have a query or require special items we are always happy to discuss your needs.

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    Dark Green Cello Party Bag

    A Dark Green Cello Party Bag with matching green metallic twist ties to seal your party bag. Alternatively, you can use clear tape, name labels, ribbons, or even stickers to seal your party bag. If your child has a favourite character from a cartoon or book but you cannot find a suitable party bag, sealing a party bag with a sticker of their character will help towards your party theme.

    Cello Party Bags – Mix and match your colours and patterns

    Cello party bags are an economical and versatile party bag. They are available in a wide variety of patterns and colours which can be mixed together to create a colourful display for your party bags and home-baked items. The cello party bags are semi-transparent and are suitable for girls and boys of all ages.


    Dark Green Cello Party Bag – Dimensions

    The dimensions of this party bag are approximately; height 28cm x width 12.5cm x maximum gusset width of 5.5cm.

    £0.06 £0.05
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    Bear’s 1st Birthday – Boy

    A very cute party bag for their very first birthday party.


    H22.5cm x W16.5cm approx


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    10x Balloon Party Invitations

    10 party invitations with a balloon design and 10 envelopes. The design is printed onto card, the reverse of the invitation is plain as shown

    These are the end of a product line with a supplier, hence the low price. The invitations have a matte finish with a space to write the recipient’s name, the party date, time & place and RSVP details. The invitations do not have a silky, luxurious feel to them, but they are generic and only cost 2p per invitation. Now reduced to 1p per invitation

    Invitation height 12.5cm x 7cm maximum.


    £0.20 £0.10
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    Pink Paper Party Bag with Handles

    A premium Italian kraft pink paper party bag with matching twisted handles. Suitable for use on its own, or with one of our tissue paper inserts. H20cm, W18cm, D8cm

    £0.45 £0.37
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    Snowflake Party Box

    A snowflake party box for the fans of  Christmas and eternal winters, suitable for food or gifts.

    Party boxes are despatched flat-packed but soon pop into shape when you push on the sides. The party boxes are sealed with the side tabs.

    £0.30 £0.26
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    Pony Party Bag Gifts

    The Pony Party Bag Gifts includes a selection of gifts suitable for girls aged four years plus. The gifts include dressing up items, a cute finger puppet tattoo, and some sparkling stationery.

    Pony Party Bag Gifts – Contents

    This selection of gifts includes the following items:

    • A horse hand puppet tattoo;
    • a wooden bead bracelet kit;
    • a gem ring,
    • a sparkling holographic notebook, and
    • a lightly scented eraser.

    5 gifts.

    PLEASE NOTE: THIS ITEM DOES NOT INCLUDE A PARTY BAG. If you purchased these gifts from us as individual items at their full price they cost £1.22. If you purchase the same items combined together in this pre-filled party bag they only cost 85p This saves you 37p per set of party bag gifts on our pre sale prices.

    Our combined bag gifts include a selection of gifts reduced in price and sold as a single item. They do not include a party bag, this allows you to choose a party bag or box to suit the style of your party whilst still saving money. We also sell the same gifts with a party bag which is also reduced in price.

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    Candy Party Cello

    The Candy Party Cello is a clear cello party bag with sweets and a party pattern printed onto the party bag. The design appears on the front and rear of the party bag.

    Cello Party Bags are a very popular party bag. They are suitable for a wide age range of adults and children. The party bags are available in a wide variety of colours and patterns, many of which complement each other.  This, therefore, enables you to identify gifts for different age groups and genders. At only 8p per party bag you can create your own colourful selection of gift bags without spending a lot of money.

    Cello party bags are also a popular choice for gifting home-baked items.

    Candy Party Cello – Dimensions

    The dimensions of this party bag are approximately: Height 28.5 cm x width 12.5 cm x Gusset width 5.5cm.

    £0.08 £0.06
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    Football Boy Party Bag

    Plastic party loot bag, with a football design. H22cm x W18cm including handles.


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