Parcel Delivery Options- Further Information

Parcel Delivery Options – Further Information.

We are moving! We will be closed from Saturday 10th August and will not reopen until Monday 2nd September 2019. Throughout this period we will not be able to despatch any orders. We will, therefore, disable the payment options on our website throughout this period as we will not be able to process or despatch any orders throughout the period.

We are leaving our existing warehouse on Friday 16th August we will not have a phone line into our new warehouse until Monday 2nd September.

IF you have any queries throughout this period if you send an email to we will respond to your enquiry as soon as possible.

 Firstly, this is additional information to our General Terms and Conditions ‎and our Delivery Policy

The General Terms and Conditions and Delivery Policy always take precedence and the information provided in this Blog Post is meant solely as additional information to help you when deciding which delivery option to choose.

A full address is vital.

Firstly we must have a full and complete address from you to ensure the safe delivery of your parcel. We check postcodes to street addresses. Paypal and the credit card processing company also check your address against that registered to the payment card and account details. If we receive an order with missing address details we will contact you for further information. Until we receive these details in writing we are unable to despatch a parcel. Occasionally we are also asked by either Paypal or the credit card processing company to check address details direct with our customer. Until these details are confirmed we are unable to despatch a parcel.

Delivery Tracking

We check the delivery status of all of our parcels daily until we have confirmed delivery details. There are always delays in the update of delivery details, if the delay is prolonged we may contact you and then raise a query with the delivery provider to check the status of any outstanding parcels.  If either the Royal Mail tracking system or the couriers tracking details are unavailable, details do eventually update so, the status of a parcel never remains a mystery for too long.

Once we have booked a parcel we are then dependent upon Royal Mail or the courier firm to deliver upon their promises. We can intervene with couriers but it does not guarantee a speedier response and we do contact Royal Mail but their response system can be slow. Couriers and Royal Mail have a query handling system which is dealt with in a systematic order but it can take time for a response and unfortunately, they do not respond to special cases regardless of how urgent your parcel may be.

Delivery Providers

Presently, we use Royal Mail for our standard and express delivery options and Interlink Express who are slowly turning over to DPD local in areas over the next 12 to 18 months.

We permanently review are delivery options, if there are delays, poor service and missing or damaged parcels we will change providers and have done so in the past

The following information is for UK mainland excluding some remote Scotland addresses, Highlands and Islands addresses. These restrictions are set by the delivery providers and the only alternative to these are charged at a considerable price increase. If your address is off the mainland or one of the mainland “restricted” areas we can inform you of the “quoted” delivery timescales and prices.


Standard Delivery- Royal Mail Second Class- Average delivery timescale 2 to 4 days.

Our cut-off time is 1pm per working day (Mondays to Fridays excluding Bank Holidays). We do keep working beyond this time and will prepare orders received after this time, but if we have a large number of orders we know it is most probable orders received before 1pm on a working day will be despatched the same day. Of course we do not know what is going to arrive until an order is placed so there may be occasional exceptions and unforeseen circumstances.

The Royal Mail quote 2 to 4 working days as an average. They do not quote the percentage of items delivered outside of this “average” time and as with all couriers and delivery providers they do reserve the right to deliver outside of this time!!!!!

We do find the vast majority of parcels are delivered within two to four working days, even in peak periods. In 2016 we had one missing parcel and quite a few taking longer than 4 days.

Our parcels are collected by the Royal Mail Monday to Friday, excluding Bank Holidays. The mail sacks are opened and distributed at the main sorting office for our area and tend to be on their way fairly promptly.

There are delivery time variations and it does not follow that the areas furthest away from us or the more remote addresses take longer.

If you are not in your postman may try to leave your parcel with a neighbour but as all of our parcels have tracking references, it is most likely that your parcel will be returned to your local sorting office for you to collect.


Express Delivery- Royal Mail 1st Class. Average Delivery Timescale 1 to 3 Days.

Our cut-off time is 11am to ensure your parcel is ready and booked before the Royal Mail collect

We find this to be the least consistent service out of all of our delivery options. The parcels are collected daily and our Royal Mail sacks are opened at the sorting office and then sent on their way. A lot of parcels arrive the next day, some parcels take two days and some have taken 4 days. We have had some First Class parcels take a day or two longer than second class, “Standard Delivery” parcels despatched on the same day.

All other details relating to the Royal Mail remain the same and information concerning parcels left at sorting offices are covered in our General terms and Conditions and our Delivery Policy.

Next Day Delivery- Interlink Express, changing to DPD Local. Monday to Friday Service.

Our cut-off time for orders is 11 o’clock, orders can be collected from 1pm onwards and we have to prepare and book your order before the couriers arrive. Sometimes they do arrive late and we will keep booking parcels until they arrive. The couriers will not return once they have left us for the day.

Interlink Express are slowly re branding themselves to become DPD Local, we are monitoring the situation as our local  Interlink Express depot has now moved and changed to a new DPD Local depot.

We have been using Interlink Express for almost three years, in this time we have only ever had two problems we have been made aware of. In the first instance a driver took a parcel off his van and left it on the roadside! In the second a driver could not find a house on a new estate so we had the parcel diverted to a local Sainsburys for the customer to collect.

When we book a parcel a notification will be sent to you either by email or text or both, you are then sent a one-hour delivery slot on the day of your delivery, you can change the delivery address (this can delay the delivery of your parcel by at least 24 hours), nominate a safe place or a neighbour. If you are not in when they try to deliver your parcel and there are no further instructions your parcel will be left at a local shop for you to collect at a time to suit you. The shops tend to be within a couple of miles of your house and can be a small chemist or newsagent shops. This obviously varies from area to area.

On the two occasions, we have had a problem with an Interlink Express the local depot phoned the recipients depot and the problem was sorted within a few hours. We have not had cause to test these capabilities with DPD Local and hope we never have to.

Saturday and Weekend Deliveries.

All companies including the Royal Mail charge a premium for a Saturday delivery and in our experience will take the premium but reserve the right to deliver on another day. One customer paid for a delivery on Saturday 17th December 2016. The courier firm collected the parcel on the Friday but did not attempt a delivery until Monday 19th December despite recording the delivery for Saturday 17th. The customer refused the parcel as her party was on the Sunday, after numerous contacts we finally received the parcel back, battered with the goods damaged on Friday 10th March, we still have not had a single penny recompense for the damaged parcel or a refund for the Saturday delivery premium.

We have had urgent parcels delivered successfully on a Saturday but if you think you must have a Saturday delivery please contact us and we will advise you of the price, please do also have a back-up plan if the courier lets us all down.

Once a parcel has left us I am afraid we lose control over it, we can badger and chase the delivery companies but we are dependent upon a friendly and helpful member of staff and all of those involved to deliver on their promises.

What would we do? watch the time

If it was me, the parcel was urgent and I needed time to make up the party bags and prepare for the party I would use the Next Day Courier option to avoid last minute panics.

If I was ordering for a party over a week away and have the time to make up party bags I would use Standard delivery.

Anything in between I would base my decision upon the amount of time I had to sort out and plan all the items required for the party. I would ask myself how much time I had left, how much I would be prepared to pay to avoid worrying about a parcel not being delivered? or how much I would pay to avoid stopping up until the early hours just before a party?


If you have any further queries, please contact us either by phone 01952 253033 or by email


Pre-filled Party Bags



A creative and fun pre-filled party bag for only £1.80


 Pre-filled Party Bags.

What are Pre-filled Party Bags.


The Angry Birds pre-filled party bag includes a selection of fun and slimey gifts for girls and boys

Pre-filled party bags are an all inclusive price for a party bag and a selection of party bag gifts we have selected and then reduced the price.

We also sell the pre-filled party bags without a party bag. Our pre-filled party bags without the party bags exist as a response to a large number of requests for the contents of our pre-filled party bags but customers had already purchased a party bag or they had a party theme which meant the party bag we had selected did not quite fit. Our pre-filled party fillers offer customers flexibility whilst still benefiting from a price reduction

The ideas for our pre-filled party bags are based upon popular party bag gifts, party themes or if we have been able to purchase a popular item at a reduced price and it will make a good value or unusual party bag.

Our pre-filled party bags cover a wide price range, with pre-filled party bags for girls, boys and generic pre-filled party bags for when you need one solution for all of the children attending your party. Our pre-filled party bag prices start from 60p but there is a wide selection beyond this price range to suit your budget.

Why choose pre-filled party bags

If you don’t want an Angry Birds party bag you can still buy the contents at a reduced price in our party filler and choose your own party bag.

The prices of our pre-filled party bags and party fillers are cheaper than if you selected the same items from us individually. If there is a pre-filled party bag or pre-filled party filler you like they become a great way to save a little more money. Our customers either use them as their party bag saving money and time trying to choose a party bag or they use them as a starting point and add a few items of their own.

If you have a party and are not quite sure what to include in your party bag,  pre-filled party bags can be a useful starting point to give you a few ideas and help you to choose items to fit in with your budget.


The Blue Cello Pre-filled Party Bag is a basic party bag at 60p each

Despatch of Pre-filled Party Bags.


Tubby Friends Pre-filled Party Bag. £1.60 each

We do not despatch our party bags out ready-made and sealed to crush and crease whilst on their way to you. As much as we would love to believe that all parcels are carefully handled on their way to you the reality is they will be thrown around, dropped and spun around as they “bounce” their way through their journey. The contents will jostle and jump around, lighter and thin items will be damaged by heavier and sharper objects.

Party bags are made from thin plastic, cellophane or paper, they all crease when thrown around with weight and irregular shaped items inside. Paper party bags also have flat bottoms which makes it harder for them to stand up to the rigours of their journey.  Plastic Birthday party bags and paper party bags to do come with a seal.  The contents of open party bags will fall out and then you will have to play detective re-filling each party bag. We could seal the party bags with clear tape but then you will not be able to open the party bags again to add cake or extra gifts you may have purchased from elsewhere.


Cello party bags do come with a twist tie to seal but crease once sealed and will crease in transit unless we restrict the contents to flat and compact gifts.


A Star Wars, force Awakens party bag and 5 piece stationery set for only £2.90

All of our pre-filled party bags are despatched with the party bags packed flat together. All party fillers and pre-filled party bag contents are listed and similar items are packed together. If you have ordered many different party fillers or pre-filled party bags the contents will be clearly labelled.

It takes a few seconds to fill and seal a party bag. We recommend laying all the contents in their bags  in a line, grabbing a party bag, working your way down the line and then sealing the party bag.

For ideas to seal your party bags please visit our other blog posts.



The Hello Kitty Pre-filled Party Bag is a fun and cute party bag for girls aged 4 to 8 years



If you have any further questions please contact Jennifer by phone on  01952 253033: email or use the contact form on our Home Page.
























We are moving

We are moving! We will be closed from Saturday 10th August and will not reopen until Monday 2nd September 2019. Throughout this period we will not be able to despatch any orders. We will, therefore, disable the payment options on our website throughout this period as we will not be able to process or despatch any orders throughout the period.

We are leaving our existing warehouse on Friday 16th August we will not have a phone line into our new warehouse until Monday 2nd September.

IF you have any queries throughout this period if you send an email to we will respond to your enquiry as soon as possible.


August Bank Holiday Despatch and Delivery Dates

August Bank Holiday Despatch and Delivery Dates.

Details for our August Bank Holiday Despatch and Delivery Dates are as follows:

Monday the 27th August 2018 is the August Bank Holiday Monday. There will be a delay in the despatch and delivery of parcels as the Royal Mail and the courier firms we use do not collect or deliver on a Bank Holiday. If you are considering placing an order either in the week before the bank holiday or the week afterwards we recommend reading the following information to ensure your order for party bags and gifts are received before your party.

There will be no collection of parcels from us by either the Royal Mail for our “Standard” and “Express Parcels” or for our “Next Day Deliveries” using DPD local on Monday 27th August 2018, as neither company will be working on these days.

Next Day Deliveries

The last working day for a delivery to be despatched from us to be with you before Monday 27th August 2018 will be Thursday 23rd August 2018. Orders will need to be received before 11am on that day to ensure your parcel is prepared and booked before the courier collects your parcel.

Any Next Day Deliveries received between 11am on  Thursday the 23rd August 2018 and 11am on Friday 24th August will be collected on the Friday but, DPD Local will not attempt to deliver these parcels until Tuesday 28th August 2018 they will still charge a Next Day Delivery fee. As Tuesday will be their “Next Working Day”

Any “Next Day” delivery orders received after 11am on Friday 24th August 2018 will not be despatched until Tuesday 28th August 2018 for delivery on Wednesday 29th August 2018.

Normal collections will resume going forwards from Tuesday 28th August 2018 for parcels to be delivered on Wednesday 29th August 2018.


Standard Delivery

Our “Standard Delivery” option uses the Royal Mail’s “2nd Class Signed For” service. This takes an average of 2-4 working days which may not include a Saturday delivery. Bank Holidays are a peak delivery time so your parcel may take a few extra days to be delivered. Experience has taught us that parcels can take an extra delivery day after a Bank Holiday as the service recovers from their day off.

We would recommend you consider the inconvenience if your parcel is delayed by a few extra working days and choose a faster delivery option if your party is imminent. We may be a little cautious but, if your parcel is delayed and you have to spend time contacting us and then driving to find an alternative and then paying the postage to return the item to us, spending the extra for a faster delivery option may be worth the reassurance. Unfortunately, the Royal Mail only update the status of a parcel once it has been delivered and have a huge network of premises and parcels to check to find a missing parcel.

Delivery timescales vary widely between areas. The Royal Mail charge a premium for a specified Saturday delivery and do not count weekends or Bank Holidays as a working day.

Our last working day for despatch of parcels before will be Friday 24th August 2018. We will resume despatching parcels once again on Tuesday 28th August 2018.

Express Delivery

Our Express Delivery Option uses the Royal Mail’s “1st Class Signed For” service. The average delivery times for this service is 1 to 3 working days. However, we find this the hardest service to predict, there is no way of knowing how long it will actually really take for your parcel to be delivered. When this service works well parcels are with the customers on the next working day, however as a HUGE note of caution they can also take 4 working days and we have had parcels despatched on a “Standard Delivery “ option on the same day being delivered a day earlier than a parcel despatched using the Express Delivery option on the same day.


Our last working day for despatch of parcels before the August Bank Holiday Monday will be Friday 24th August 2018. We will resume despatching parcels once again on Tuesday 28th August 2018.

If you are uncertain about any of the information relating to deliveries spanning a weekend or Bank Holiday please contact us on 01952 253033 or email

For full details on our delivery policy please visit our General Terms and Conditions

and our Delivery Policy

We also have a Blog Post we regularly update with honest information about the Delivery Services we use.…ther-information/

 At all times our General Terms and Conditions and our Delivery Policy takes precedence over all other information

Glitter Putty Egg

Boron Levels in Slime and Putty Products

Boron Levels in Slime and Putty Products have made the news. For those of you with children of a certain age, you may understand my feeling of frustration at the number of plastic boxes filled with brightly coloured gloop littering my children’s bedrooms. If I see another video or recipe for yet another “genius” recipe to make yet another variant of this gloop I may cry. To my delight, my 9-year-old watched the news this morning and decided we may not need too many more slime mixes in our house! Let’s hope we can go back to making biscuits instead!

What is Boron and why should you be careful of excessive exposure.

So what is causing all of the levels of concern? Boron is a chemical found in Borax which helps to make the sticky, gooey texture of slime and putty products. In homemade slime Boron is found in contact lens solution. Exposure to excessive levels of boron can cause irritation, diarrhoea, vomiting and cramps.

We do not stock any slime products but we do sell glitter putty eggs. All of our products are sourced from UK suppliers with rigorous safety tests. We also reject any product we do not think match the standards we would pick for our own children.

Message from our supplier.

Our supplier for the Glitter Putty Eggs issued the following email message today:

Dear Customer,

 A recently published news article has highlighted the high levels of Boron that have been found in test purchases of various Supplier’s slime products and the potential dangers of these high levels of Boron.

 As a responsible importer, we would like to confirm that all Slime and Putty products supplied by Henbrandt Ltd comply with current EU Toy Safety Directive requirements.

 The Boron levels of the items supplied by Henbrandt Ltd are below the restricted EU Limits of Category II (Liquid Sticky) which is 300 mg/kg.

 It is our standard procedure to have all batches of the items that arrive into our warehouse tested by an accredited UK based testing laboratory to ensure compliance to the current EU Toy Safety Directive.

 If you do require a Declaration of Conformity for any of these products, we will be more than happy to provide this for you.

If you are considering purchasing Glitter Putty Eggs from us or if you have purchased these items from us already and have any queries or concerns we are happy to follow up on any questions you may have for us.


General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)



GDPR is a European data privacy regulation that puts the customer/individual in control. It comes into effect on the 25th May 2018.


Little Party Parcels & what we do with your data.


We do not buy or sell lists of customer details, we don’t even send marketing emails. Your children’s birthdays and Christmas are a few small events each year. We do not fill up your In-box year-round with marketing emails. We aim to provide a good service with economically priced goods, we hope this will help you remember us and return to us for future celebrations.


If you want to stay in touch we recommend visiting our website to keep up to date with products and celebration ideas. Alternatively, you can like and follow us on Facebook or Twitter or Google+. When you are no longer interested all you have to do is “unfollow” or remove your “like”.

Visiting our website


When you visit our website if you have not selected “private browsing” Google will pick up certain data, such as your general location, pages you have visited on our website and whether an order is placed. It will not give us any information to identify you and to be honest although it may be interesting, we are busy and common sense will tell us what stock is popular and what sells well.


Google is fully compliant with all data privacy requirements.


Placing an order.


When you place an order, as with all online orders we use either your address or delivery address along with your delivery name to ensure your parcel is delivered.

We principally use the Royal Mail or DPD Local. In exceptional circumstances, we use UPS or another relevant courier at the point in time to guarantee a timely delivery. If any of these companies notify you of their delivery schedule we may supply your email and/or your phone number.


These details are only provided for the purpose of the delivery of your order.


When you place an order with us you have a choice of paying either by Paypal or payment card. Dependant upon your choice you seamlessly leave our website and are redirected to either Paypal or Stripe payment card processing. We do not have or receive any of your payment details. We are notified when a payment is successfully made, this notifies us to then process your order. All of your personal and payment details remain with the relevant payment processing company. We believe this is the best way to safeguard your payment details.

If you have any queries about anything to do with our privacy policies or anything to do with our business and products please contact us either at or telephone us on 01952 253033.


Christmas and New Year 2017 Despatch Dates

Christmas and New Year 2017 Despatch Dates



We will be here and working over the Christmas period but the despatch and delivery of parcels will be affected throughout the period due to weekends, Bank Holidays and peak delivery times.


Standard Delivery £3.95 and Express Delivery £5.95

We use the Royal Mail’s “Second Class Signed For” service for our Standard Delivery and The Royal Mail’s “First Class Signed For” service for our Express Delivery Service. The Royal Mail do not guarantee a delivery date or time and there may be delays during the peak Christmas and New Year period. This will very much depend upon the volume of parcels at your local delivery depot.

Standard Delivery takes an average of 2 to 4 working days


Express Delivery takes an average of 1 to 2 working days

The delivery timescales may be longer during the Christmas period.

The Royal Mail will not be delivering parcels on a Sunday or a Bank Holiday over the Christmas period.

We despatch parcels Monday to Friday, we will continue to despatch parcels as normal up to and including Friday 22nd December 2017.

The Royal Mail will not deliver parcels on a Sunday or Bank Holiday.

Our Royal Mail parcels will be despatched once again parcels from Wednesday the 27th until Friday the 29th December 2017. No further parcels will be despatched until Tuesday 2nd January 2018. When normal Monday to Friday despatch will resume.


Next Day Delivery £7.95

In the week leading up to Christmas, Next Day Delivery companies are swamped with last minute parcels. This may lead to delays as vans are filled and time runs out to deliver parcels. This may lead to an extra day being added to delivery times. This will only be known on the day of delivery, the delivery company should notify you of any delays if known in advance.

Next Day delivery is available for Monday to Friday only. There is a premium charge for a Saturday delivery date.

Our last despatch day for Next Day Delivery before Christmas will be Thursday 21st December 2017.

We will despatch Next Day Delivery Parcels again on Wednesday 27th December 2017 until Friday 29th December 2017. Please note: Parcels despatched on Friday 29th December will not be delivered until Tuesday 2nd January 2018.

We will resume normal Monday to Friday despatch of parcels from Tuesday 2nd January 2018.



We hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a very Happy 2018.

I would like to say a huge “thank-you” for all of your orders we have received throughout the year.


Jennifer x



Royal Mail Industrial Action

Royal Mail Industrial Action


Royal Mail Industrial Action was due to commence in October. This has now been suspended pending further dispute resolution services. For now, it is business as usual. However, should talks between the Royal Mail and the unions fail we have been investigating alternatives. This is just to ensure our parcels will still be delivered without delay throughout any periods of disrupted service.

Our Standard delivery uses the Royal Mail’s “Second Class Signed For” service. Our Express Delivery option uses the Royal Mail “First Class Signed For” Service. We have investigated alternative options to ensure our service continues to run smoothly throughout any period affected by industrial action. We will take action to ensure parcels despatched in advance of any action are delivered. Orders received during a period of industrial action also need to be despatched and progress on their journey in the usual timely manner. As a result of this, we will use alternative delivery options in the five days leading up to and throughout the period of confirmed Industrial action.

We are anticipating a temporary delay to delivery services once the Royal Mail’s services recommence. We, therefore, intend to continue using the alternative delivery methods for two to three business days after the Royal Mail resumes normal service. This is just to ensure your parcels are delivered within a reasonable time period. We will all benefit from having one less thing to worry about.

Royal Mail – Normal working conditions

The Royal Mail will continue to deliver our Standard and Express Delivery parcels under normal working conditions. We strongly believe the Royal Mail offers one of the most reliable and professional delivery services available.  Most of our customers are able to predict the time their postman is likely to deliver. If you are out when a delivery is attempted a local sorting office is quite close to most homes and accessible on a Saturday.

The Royal Mail collect our parcels without problems five days a week. We have only had one parcel go missing in a very busy 12 month period, we were able to intervene and send a replacement parcel in advance of the party date. We are therefore not looking to change our delivery service under normal working conditions.

Royal Mail Industrial Action – Further Updates.

For now, it is business as usual. However, should circumstances change which will affect the delivery of our orders we will add further updates to this post. We do however intend to ensure our reliable and speedy delivery continues at all times.

If you are concerned at any point about the delivery of your parcel you may contact us by any of the following methods:

  • our telephone number is 01952 253033;
  • you may send an email to, or
  • if your parcel has already been despatched, you may reply to our email with your parcel tracking details.

Party Bag Fillers

Party Bag Fillers


Party Bag Fillers for children are just as much a part of the party fun as the cake and candles.

We have two types of Party Bag Fillers at Little Party Parcels. We sell all of our party bag fillers as individual items, or, we sell our pre-filled party bag gifts as a party filler minus the party bag.

Individual Party Fillers

Football Pencil and Notebook It is really important to some people that they buy age appropriate gifts that cater suitable for their individual guests. It is really important to us that you can buy exactly what you want in the quantities you need. We also group complementary items which are frequently bought together and reduce their price.

Our business was set up as a direct result of being forced to buy far too many items just to cater for a mixed age range. We hope the range of goods means you can save time, buy all your gifts from one place and not waste money on items you do not want.

Our Party Bag Fillers are organised into the following sections:Balloon Head Animals

  • Babies & Toddlers;
  • Younger Children;
  • Older Children;
  • Party Bag Sweets
  • & just in case you have to caster for a mixed aged range All of our Party Fillers


However, everyone is different and time is important. If you are not sure where to start or need a speedy solution we also sell pre-filled party bags. Our pre-filled party bags are also sold in individual quantities but they combine a selection of party bag gifts. We also reduce the price a little in comparison to buying the items individually. We include a party bag with our pre-filled party bags but our choice may not necessarily fit in with the ideas you or your children may have so we also sell our pre-filled party bags as Party Bag Fillers minus the party bag

Party Bag Fillers

We were receiving an increasing number of requests from customers who wanted one of our pre-filled party bags but they had already purchased a party bag or their child had set their heart on a particular type of party bag. It is not possible to offer every party bag as an option with our pre-filled party bags so instead our pre-filled are also available as a party bag filler, without the party bag. You therefore get to keep your children happy, purchase the party bag you require and save money.

Hello-Kitty-pre-filled-party-bag    Teddy-Party-Filler  Dome-Popper-Pre-filled-Party-Bag   Dome-Popper-Party Bag-Filler  Monster-Pre-filled-Party-Bags  Monster-Party-bag-fillers


Hopefully, this will simplify a little of the party planning process for you. If anyone has a magic wand that makes all parents respond to party invitations and you meet your child’s birthday expectations at the click of a button please let me know.



Selecting Your Party Bag Gifts

Selecting Your Party Bag Gifts


Selecting your party bag gifts is just one more job to add to the list for the hopes of a great birthday. In an ideal world, you would be able to select all of your party bag gifts yourself, choosing the colours and designs you prefer to match your guests.

Spinning Top

The reality of busy lives and taking children shopping with you means it is never going to be easy. Just because you have ordered your party bag goodies online does not mean you have to compromise. We always try our best to ensure you receive the best quality from the stock we are supplied. Misprinted or slightly damaged items are saved and passed on to a local charity shop.



farm-animal-maskA large number of the party bag gifts come in a range of colours or designs. We will send you a mixture of the colours and designs available. We will always try to avoid sending just one of a design or style to ensure no one feels left out or “different” from your other guests receiving the same gifts



Special Instructions

Bunny-Clip-Ons If you would like a particular selection of colours or designs we are always happy to take your special instructions from. If you have a preferred team colour, your son is obsessed with chickens or your daughter does not like pink, we can help. We will select your party gifts in line with your wishes if we have sufficient stock available. If there are any problems we will contact you.Balloon Head Animals

To advise us of any special requests we require the information at the point of placing your order. We aim to despatch as many orders as possible on the day they are received. We despatch on  Mondays to Fridays only. If you delay notifying us of any special requests your order may already be completed and booked with the delivery company. Once an order is completed we are unable to adjust the order or contents.


You may advise us of any special requests you may have by any of the following methods:

  • There is a “Special Instructions” box within the Checkout area. Most customers use this method to advise us of any special information relating to their order;
  • We have a “Contact Form” on our Homepage;
  • Send an email to, or
  • Telephone 01952 253033



Delivery Details

Our Next Day couriers collect parcels just after lunch. The Royal Mail collect between 3 and 4pm. We require Next Day Orders to be placed before 11am to ensure they are ready for the courier collection. The courier will not come back for late orders. Royal Mail orders need to be with us by 1pm, however on a busy day parcels may be despatched the following week day.

Couriers do charge a premium for a Saturday delivery. Saturday deliveries need to be arranged with us in advance. We will advise you of the relevant weekend delivery costs at the point of an enquiry.  If you require a Saturday delivery we need to have discussed this with you and received your order before 11am on a Friday. We have been let down by Saturday couriers in the past. Couriers have charged a premium for a Saturday delivery and then not attempted to deliver until the Monday.  The customer service offices for the relevant couriers have been closed at a weekend and there is no contact number available for the driver. If you require a weekend delivery we would advise having a backup plan just in case!

If you are not going to be in when your parcel is delivered we can notify the Royal Mail or courier firm of a neighbour who will be happy to receive a parcel in your absence. We will need these details at the time of placing your order. You can notify us of any special delivery details by using the contact details as detailed above.

For more information on delivery visit our Delivery Policy.

We also have a blog post we review and update when necessary giving an honest review of the delivery services available.…ther-information/

Football Bouncy Balls

Football Party Bags and Party Gifts

Football Party Bags and Party Gifts

Football Party Bags and Party Gifts are a popular theme for children’s parties. The football theme is not just for the reserve of those


dedicated enough to play in a local or school football team.  The football season may almost be over but the school holidays are almost here and with them comes the familiar thud of a football being kicked regardless of talent or ambition.

Football is also one of the earliest team sports taught in school. After school football clubs are filled with girls and boys. It is easy to understand why football party gifts are popular with a wide choice available for different age groups and budgets.


Football Party Bags & Boxes

Football Party Bag    

We have two of the traditional party bags with a football theme and a Football Party box. One of the Football themed party bags is more suitable for younger children, but looking back at past orders the plain cello party bags and plain paper party bags are also a very popular choice to reflect your team colours. We do not stock black party bags but there are many orders with two different coloured party bags making it easy to spot the favourite team. Green, red and blue party bags are also very popular.

Football Boy Party Bag   Green-paper-party-bag     Red-cello-party-bag    Blue-Striped-Paper-Party-Bag


Pre-filled Party Bags 


We have a selection of pre-filled party bags and party bag fillers;(gifts only, you choose your party bag.)  to suit all ages and budgets. If you are uncertain where to start or what you want pre-filled party bags and party bag fillers are a good place to start for you to either make a quick choice or to help you with some ideas.


Football Whistle Pre-filled Party Bag          Blue-Cello-Party-Bag



Football Themed Party Bag Gifts


The football theme comes with a wide selection of gifts. Prices start from Chocolate Flavoured Footballs at 4p each and Football tattoos at 8p each. Prices rise to the popular Football Flipper Games at 55p each and Football Stationery Sets at 70p each with plenty of items in between. Bouncing Footballs are a very popular item and are frequently included in party bags with and without a football theme.

If you need to provide party bags for a class party or gifts there are always plenty of fairy/princess, cute and fluffy items for younger girls. The manufacturers of these items usually have a similar item with a football theme for you male guests. This allows you to control your budget and provide similar party bags for all interests.

The steady rise in girls football in schools and the success of the England womens football team internationally we are seeing more football items included with more traditional party bags gifts for girls. Items such as the Football Sticker Activity Books conform to a more traditional view of football. However, stationery, bouncing balls and Flipper games seem to be popular with both genders.


Football-Shirt-Eraser  Flipper Football Game    blue-two-tier-pencil-case   Football Whistle    Football Sticker Activity Book


Football Stationery Set         Football Playing Cards       Football Stickers    Football-birthday-candles




Party Bags 99p or less


Andel Pre-filled party bag. Only 65p

Party Bags 99p or less

Party Bags for 99p or less can seem to be a tricky option. We all know that party bag gifts are a small present, they will never challenge the gifts for a Birthday or Christmas present but the aim should be that they will always have a fun value and will be used or played with after the party.


The biggest challenge with party bags is how much should you spend after you have paid for everything else that accompanies your child’s birthday. There is also an increasing trend of buying party bags for your school class. Whilst you may not want to seem to be mean it is understandable that you would rather focus on your own child and their birthday celebrations rather than every other child they come into contact with.


Pre-filled Party Bags

We have a range of pre-filled party bag gifts and party bag fillers starting from 58p each. They are either suitable for girls and boys or for specific age groups. Our pre-filled party bags and party fillers are reduced in price in comparison to buying the same gifts from us as individual items, you can use them as they come or make them a little more special by adding extra items of your own choice. Whatever you do you will save money.


Our party bag fillers contain the same gifts as the pre-filled party bags with the same name but they contain the gifts only. Party Bag Fillers allow you to choose the design of the party bag.  If you already have your party bags the party bag fillers help you to make a quick decision and still save money on the gifts.


Party Bags for 99p or less do not have to have a few items hiding in the bottom corner of the bottom corner of your party bag and they do not have to contain the same items you can buy from the high street or supermarket. In our range of pre-filled party bags for under 99p we have included gifts from across our range of party bag gifts so you have a choice for your age group, gender and budget. We also try to ensure you are not purchasing a few square flat items children will already have at home.

We do include sweets with a few of our pre-filled party bags, if you prefer to avoid sweets there is still plenty of choices and you can add always a packet of sweets or toddler snacks of your own choice as an extra item.

Please note we do not send pre-filled party bags out ready-made, Not all party bag types can be sealed. The plastic on the cello and traditional party bags is thin and creases and crumples quickly, particularly after they have been “bounced” and jostled around by the delivery company. We do pack all similar items together, the items are all clearly marked and we suggest making a cup of tea, placing the bagged gifts on a table or the floor and grabbing the contents list and filling one party bag at a time. It is a quick process and guarantees that the items are handed out with all gifts intact and looking brand new and appealing.




 Build Your Own Party Bags

If you wish to make up your own choice of party bag and contents it is still really easy to do, We have a wide range of gifts all under 25p. Our


cheapest party bag is only 4p each and we have a wide range under 10p per party bag.


We recommend you set yourself a budget first, it really does help with the decision-making process. We try to add four or five items to a party bag and it helps to fill the party bag. If you include a variety of shapes and heights it guarantees you are not left with a few small items huddled together at the bottom of a seemingly empty party bag.


If a party bag is for a very young child we do include fewer items in some of our pre-filled party bags. The range of toys a young child will play with is smaller and it is always sensible to consider safety concerns. A packet of toddler snacks is always popular with parents and will always be appreciated by the child, particularly when they are out and about.


If you are buying gifts for older children we have gifts under a 99p which either take a while to build or will have many uses in their busy days so you can get away with fewer items.


Once you have chosen your gifts we then suggest looking at your budget and choosing an appropriate party bag, we have many generic styles and block coloured party bags suitable for girls and boys or more specific themed party bags if you have to cater for Star Wars, My Little Pony or much more.Paw-Patrol-Pre-filled-Party-bag


Everything is sold as individual items.


A Pirate themed Party Bag suitable for girls or boys. 68p each

All of our gifts, pre-filled party bags, party bag fillers and party bags are sold as individual items so you only buy and pay for the number of items you require. You do not have to buy items in multi-packs with differing quantities per pack for each item and we despatch almost every item within 24 hours of receiving an order. Most are despatched the same working day.

If you need further details on delivery timescales we recommend reading our delivery policy at the bottom of our website and our Blog Post giving an honest review of the features and timescales of our various delivery options.…ther-information/