Party Boxes


Party Boxes.   Minions-party-boxes

 Party Boxes are a simple and quick way to add a special touch to your party or event. They are suitable for food or gifts and are a great way to save time and money if you are catering for your celebration.

Party boxes come in a huge range of colours and designs, these include fun party designs, images to match your themed party and all of the latest favourites from film and the television. The party boxes are despatched flat, push the opposite corners and the box “pops” into shape, they are closed with the side flaps making them secure and easy to carry.

Children’s Parties.

If you are a little tired of party bags and you want to make an impact a party box with a few gifts makes an interesting alternative and it is a lot faster to slip a slice of cake into the box and seal it before the chaos at the end of a party

    When catering for a child’s party a food box simplifies matters, instead of platters of food where the favourites disappear quickly and the not-so–favourites end up as a huge mess everywhere. A food box is quick and easy to hand out, children love opening their special item to find out what they have inside and the food is distributed fairly with very little food and mess left over at the end.

Adding a few gifts to your party box along with the food allows you to dispense with the cost of an additional party bag.  A party box with your guests name on it will always find its true owner at the end of the party, saving you time and the headache as you try to manage the catering, entertainment and the role of grateful host at what is supposed to be your fun party.


The wide range of designs means there is always a party box to fit in with your party theme and the major films and television programmes have also kindly released party boxes with your child’s favourite characters just for this occasion.
If you are using party boxes for gifts you need to check the sizes of your gifts and the box, the sturdy frame of the box will limit the size of some larger gifts. If you are considering using a party box for gifts if you contact us at the point of ordering we can check your items fit and the box can be securely closed. You can contact us either by phone 01952 253033, by email  or by using the “Special Instructions” box when you pay for your ordered. We will notify you before despatching your order if there are any problems.

Party boxes are not just for children, the wide range of colours and patterns mean there is always a design that will fit into your colour scheme and add a little finishing touch to your celebration without costing a fortune.

A party box filled with some fun sweets and placed in the middle of a table will certain keep your guests happy, they can be prepared beforehand, transported with ease and you can even tie balloons around them to add decoration to your party

Parties with adult guests, corporate and social events.


Green-polka-dot-party-box A party box filled with goodies is a quick way to add a finishing touch to your event without adding a lot to the cost per head. If you know there are going to be speeches or an afternoon slump a little box of treats is a lot more fun than another plate of biscuits.

If your guests have paid for their seat and you would like them to return for future events a few little extra treats will add to the experience and perception of your planned event.

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Clear Cello Party Bag with Twist Ties

Cello Party Bags

Cello Party Bags. 8p each.

Smiley Face Cello Party BagCello party bags are a very popular party bag solution. They are made of a cellophane material and come in a broad age range of colours and designs, suitable for girls, boys and adults.  They are also deceptively quite large. The side gusset allows the party bag to expand quite a bit, making room for quite a lot of party bag gifts or a combination of gifts and cake. You do have to consider if you have the time to add cake and then seal the party bags whilst hosting a party. I always pop the birthday cake into a separate cello party bag, so I am not trying to seal a party bag and keep an eye on the children but then I do have quite a few party bags!

The party bags come with twist ties to seal, but the twist ties can be replaced by a ribbon, sticker or clear tape.   I prefer to seal the bags with clear tape or a sticker. Once the bag has been filled with gifts I fold the excess bag over neatly from the top and then seal it with either a name or themed sticker on the front or with clear tape on the back.  This transforms the bag into a little parcel or pouch which looks a little different, a little neater and can make it a little easier if you have to transport the party bags to a venue.

Plain, Colour Cello Party Bags I prefer to seal the bags as a pouch or parcel as the cello party bags are very easy to crease. If you do start to seal them with a twist tie or a ribbon once you start to gather the bag it becomes creased, you then need to be very careful if you reseal them or make a mistake, they can start to look messy quite quickly. You also have to consider how you are going to store the party bags and transport them to your venue if necessary. The excess party bag that has been gathered up does mean you have a decorative and almost fluted top, but as they squash together this can also become creased.

All cello party bags are semi-transparent, so you can see the contents through the bag. I have diligently wrapped the contents in tissue paper and then put them into the party bags, only to watch the tissue paper removed and discarded in seconds.  I now keep the party bags in a box which I keep hidden and only get out at the very last moment.  I don’t think any of the children that have received the party bags with and without the tissue paper have ever noticed the difference.

Candy Party CelloThe cello party bags are suitable for all age ranges and work really well if you have a broad mixed age range at your party. A selection of colours combined with a printed design party bag make a really eye-catching selection for the end of your party and are an excellent way to identify party bags for different ages, genders and contents. At a recent party, I used a few patterned party bags for the very young children. I then used three different coloured bags for the boys and 3 different coloured bags for the old girls. It all looked very bright and enticing but I am sure some were still discarded in their parent’s cars the next day!

All party bags do crease as they bounce their way from us to you via a courier. We dispatch all of our party bags for you to fill at home.  This ensures that they arrive in the best possible condition for your party.


If you have any further questions considering party bags or any of our products please contact us or phone us on 01952 25303


Wedding Party Sweets – Trolley or Bags?

Wedding and Party Sweets.

sweets 1Entertaining your guests for the duration of your special party is never easy or cheap. The rise of the sweet trolley providing guests with a wide array of sweets to indulge in is a popular addition to large events but can be an expensive cost for your event. You need to ensure that your event has sufficient space without blocking a fire exit or doorway and ensuring a diverse offering that will survive the warmth of a busy indoor event or warm summer’s day.

It is important when booking a sweet cart you establish costs for not only the products used but those which may remain and those that are not in a perfect condition. An increasingly popular option is to leave a goody bag filled with a variety of party sweets and possibly other items such as bubbles, party poppers or cannons.

sweets 2We have a selection of paper party bags and cellophane party bags and sweets cones, they are very popular with party organisers and wedding hosts to provide an alternative to the sweet trolley. You can control the costs and they can be left upon tables so instead of your guests getting up and leaving their table you are encouraging them to stay and interact and share with your others.

The two most popular party bags are the block colour paper party bags which cost 17p each and the Italian Kraft paper party bags with matching twisted handles at 45p each, both of these party bags come in a variety of colours and can be personalised by adding a personal message and items matching the theme of your party or wedding.

bag of sweetsWe also sell sweet cones and cello party bags which costs 20p each and 8p each respectively.  Once again they are easy to add a few decorations to make them an integral part of your celebration and personal to your event. Once you have added sweets, bubbles, or other personal items to you they soon become a focus and talking point without having to spend a fortune. You get to show you have taken care of all the details to ensure your guests enjoy your event as much as you.

If you wish to discuss this any further please phone 01952 253033 and speak to Jennifer.


How to remove stickers and temporary tattoos

Okay, so now the party is over, the other kids have gone home, and its cleanup time. If you’re struggling removing stickers or temporary tattoos, follow my handy tips below.

How to remove stickersremove a sticker

If your child has managed to place a sticker onto somethings they shouldnt, there are two easy ways to remove them. Either soak the sticker in baby oil for 10 minutes and remove, or if you think the oil may damage or stain the surface, dampen the sticker with water then gently use a plastic ice scraper for car windows.



How to remove temporary tattoos.Temporary Tattoo

Temporary tattoos can be removed by washing but if it is a Sunday night and school rules say absolutely no temporary tattoo

s, rub some baby oil into the tattoo. Leave for 20 seconds and then wipe away. No screaming child and no problems with school rules!


What are Wedding Activity Bags?

What are Wedding Activity Bags and why do we have them?

Children at wedding


The decision to have children at your wedding can be a difficult one to make. We had children at our wedding.  The wedding went well, there were no nasty spillages, everyone heard the speeches, and nothing was broken. Now that we have our own children we know we could definitely have done it a lot better.

Planning a wedding is a long task: we spend a lot of time ensuring the adults have the right food, drink and entertainment for the day but children can be forgotten which is strange when it can be so easy to improve their experience and a lot cheaper than catering for the needs of a group of adults.

Children are very good at parties, but they are young, they do get tired, they do have bursts of energy and they don’t tune into long adult conversations.  This is really easy to cater for and will be one of the cheaper bills for your wedding.

At Little Party Parcels we provide a number of solutions for entertaining children, and some of the adults at your wedding. In our experience we have also found them to be an excellent ice breaker and added to the party experience. Having attended many weddings since our own we do know hindsight can be a useful thing.

Wedding Activity Bags

Activity Bags can provide amusement and entertainment for indoor or outdoor activities. They wedding-activity-bagsare based upon party bags but don’t tend to come laden with sweets. You can tailor the contents to fit the child’s age range.  The contents do not have to be expensive and can provide a distraction for a child for what can be a very long day. Mom and Dad are also likely to appreciate having a busy contented child, allowing them to fully enjoy the celebration.

We have arranged our Activity Bag Items into Play Activities and Quiet Activities.


Play Activities

These are activities suitable for children when it does not matter if they are a little more active. There are a variety of indoor and outdoor items to suit different age groups. They are an excellent way to entertain a child whilst photographs are being taken or after the wedding meal.

Quiet Activities

We have put together a number of items for a table setting which will occupy a child during the meal and the speeches. There are even Wedding Activity Packs with colouring pages and quizzes all based upon the wedding theme.

Table Top Games

We have a selection of small games suitable for a table.  If your venue has a seating area these can be left upon tables providing entertainment for your guests as they socialise with your family and friends.  The games are fun and suitable for all ages to play together.


If you would like to enquire about Wedding Activity Bags further or require items to match your wedding theme  please contact us either by or by telephone 01952 253033.