Advent Calendar Gifts

Advent Calendar Gifts are always challenging. 24 little gifts for each of your children to open daily in the lead up until Christmas. This is on top of the gifts for family and friends plus all of the gifts Father Christmas will be bringing your children.

Advent Calendars have changed in recent years. A few pieces of pre-formed chocolate does not compete with calendars brimming with toys, perfumes and soaps. The gift-laden advent calendars are also expensive, particularly when you have a few children to buy for.

Advent Calendar gifts will never compete with the main Christmas presents. It also takes a very long time to use up 24 small soaps. We also have lots of little plastic men with missing limbs.

If you have already invested in your own advent calendar, you can compete with the gift advent calendars for a fraction of the cost.Childrens party bag gifts are meant to entertain your children for a little while without costing too much. So, they make excellent Advent Calendar Gifts.

You also have the advantage that you can control which gifts your children open each day. Our wide range of gifts ensures you can buy items that will appeal to your children and their interests more than a mass-produced calendar ever will.

Advent Calendar Gifts – What to Choose and for When

Our small gifts start at a lot less than 20p each. Start the first few days of the Advent Calendar off with the cheaper Christmas themed items. The children are excited, the gifts are a novelty and they are willing to embrace the Christmas theme. Save gifts which have a little activity for weekends or school holidays and mix a little chocolate in for some days if you wish.

If your advent calendars have tiny drawers or small pockets create a treasure hunt. Hide gifts that are too large for your calendar around your home and leave the clue in your advent calendar.


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    50x Perfumed Mini Notebooks

    The 50x Perfumed Mini Notebooks is part of our discounted range of popular party bag gifts for larger orders.

    This item consists of 50x Simon Elvin perfumed mini-notebooks. The front cover design is repeated on each page within the notebook. The pages of the notebooks are lightly scented.  The notebooks are available in 5 designs; butterfly, ladybird, snail, strawberry and sun. A mixture of these designs will be sent with each order.

    These items are in stock and are available for immediate despatch.

    50x Perfumed Mini Notebooks – Dimensions

    The notebooks measure approximately: Height 6.25cm x width 4cm.

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    Ice Princess Pencil with Eraser

    The Ice Princess Pencil with Eraser is a princess themed pencil with an eraser topper. The pencil with eraser is a two-in-one party bag gift. The erasers are weighty and substantial. Due to the weight of the eraser, your guest is likely to remove it after a little writing and drawing, therefore, leaving your guest with a pencil and eraser addition to their pencil-case.

    £0.28 £0.22
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    Christmas Rubber Ducks

    A fun party bag or stocking filler. Available in 6 designs.


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    Snowman Building Blocks

    Build our own snowman from plastic bricks. Each snowman comes in a box with instructions. The instructions were not as easy as the major brand instructions to follow. a just seven year with lots of lego experience got stuck a couple of times at first. We then organised the bricks into each row, she then built the snowman quite quickly.

    £3.00 £2.00
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    Dinosaur Eraser

    A choice of 4 large dinosaur erasers all with poseable limbs.

    £0.24 £0.20
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    Celebration Bubbles

    Bubbles in a shaped celebration bottle. Suitable for children and adults.

    £0.30 £0.22
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    Make Your Own Bracelets

    A fun kit for girls aged 5 years +, The kit includes beads, elastic and safety pins

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    Christmas Slide Puzzle

    Bright, Christmas themed slide puzzle, available in 3 designs, 6cm x 6cm

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    Wooden Pick Up Sticks

    The traditional game for all ages. Put the sticks in a pile and then take it in turns to remove one stick at a time. If you move another stick you miss a turn. The player with the most sticks wins.


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    Owl Eraser

    The Owl Eraser is a cute and fun eraser suitable for a wide age range. The owl erasers are available in 4 colours, grey, fawn, pink and purple.  They are approximately 3.5cm high.

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    5 piece Christmas Stationery Set

    A Christmas themed stationery set comprising of 2 pencils, a sharpener, an eraser and a spiral bound notebook with lined paper.



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    Spider-Man Disc Shooters

    Spider-Man disc shooters, available in red or blue.  Load the disc into the launcher, squeeze lightly and the disc flies off gently like a small frisbee.

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    Star Wars Force Awakens Tin Pencil Case

    A Star Wars metal pencil case with the design on the outside (top & Bottom) and with a plain white interior.

    Interior length 19.5cm x interior width 5.75cm. Exterior height 2cm.

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    Spinning Top

    A happy spinning top with a smiley face. Available in a variety of colours.

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    Christmas Tattoo

    Christmas tattoos ,available in 3 designs. 4cmx4cm.

    Great for parties or Christmas fundraising events.

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    Smile Eraser

    The Smile Eraser is a fun small eraser for only 10p each. The erasers are approximately a similar size to a 10p piece.

    The erasers have an emoji-style design. We will send a mixture of the designs with each order.

    The erasers are suitable for girls and boys and the low price point allows you to add an extra item to your party bags without a significant increase in their overall cost.

    We are presently selling these items at a reduced price of only 8p per eraser.

    £0.10 £0.08
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    Football Shirt Eraser

    The football shirt eraser is a fun eraser for football fans.

    £0.20 £0.12
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    Christmas Eraser

    The Christmas Eraser is a fun eraser available in 6 designs; father Christmas, snowman, robin, reindeer, snowflake and a christmas tree.

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    Jazzy Blowouts

    A traditional, party bag item. Made with a sturdy base, available in 3 celebration style designs.

    Jazzy Blowouts- Change to Product

    Due to a change in EU legislation please see below for details to the change in level of noise the product makes.

    This item has been classified as a Toy Product due to the play value to a child and because of this, the item must now pass stricter safety/ testing processes to ensure the product complies to the EU Toy Safety Directive.

    Because the product is classified as a mouth activated toy the width of the blowout foil/paper has been increased to 4cm to ensure the paper/foil can not fit into a small parts cylinder and is therefore not deemed to be a small part that could be swallowed by a child.

    The noise of the blowout has had to be reduced due to the acoustic level restriction that a toy is permitted to make, this change was enforced due to a change in the permitted acoustic levels of the EU Toy Safety Directive.

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    Jumping Frog

    A Jumping Frog. Press their back and watch them jump.  Based upon the traditional little plastic frogs but a lot more sturdy these little frogs are available in four colours; green, orange, pink and yellow.

    Jumping Frog – Dimensions

    The dimensions of the frogs are approximately; maximum length 5.5cm x maximum frog length width 5.5cm x maximum height 1.5cm….ish!

    The frogs are not suitable for children under 3 years of age.

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    Scented Eraser

    A very, very, lightly fruit-scented erasers.The erasers are oval shaped and come in vivid colours, they come supplied in a little box

    £0.18 £0.15
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    Smiley Stretchy Man

    A Smiley Stretchy Man.

    Stretch him, wrap his legs behind his head, fling him across the room and this little man still smiles.

    £0.20 £0.15
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    Christmas Puzzle Book

    The Christmas Puzzle Book has 16 pages of  Christmas-themed puzzles and quizzes. The puzzles include word searches, addition, anagrams, colouring pages, spot the difference, dot to dot, word games and drawing challenges.



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    Christmas Wax Crayons

    The Christmas Wax Crayons  contain 4 Wax Crayons, blue, green, red and yellow. The outer box has a Christmas design, the crayons inside are however normal crayons and do not have a Christmas design.

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    Cat Hand Puppet Tattoo.

    A  cat hand puppet tattoo. Place the hand puppet tattoo between the forefinger and the thumb and then bring your new pet to life. CE Registered. Not suitable for children under 3yrs.

    To remove, either wash, remove with sticky tape or apply baby oil and remove after a couple of minutes.

    £0.22 £0.17
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    Dog Hand Puppet Tattoo

    A dog hand puppet tattoo. Place the hand puppet tattoo between the fore-finger and the thumb and then bring your new pet to life. CE Registered. Not suitable for children under 3yrs.

    The tattoo can be removed either by washing, baby oil or clear tape. They will fit small hands.

    £0.22 £0.17
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    Horse Hand Puppet Tattoo

    A hand puppet tattoo. Place the hand puppet tattoo between the fore-finger and the thumb and then bring your new pet to life.
    The tattoo can be removed either by washing, baby oil or clear tape. Will fit small hands.

    £0.22 £0.17
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    Rabbit Erasers

    A choice of 3 brightly coloured rabbit erasers. 5.5 cm high. The dungarees unclip and can be swapped.

    Not suitable for children under 3 years.

    £0.20 £0.18
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    Football Notebook

    A football themed notebook, the front cover design is replicated on the inner pages. Available in three designs

    £0.22 £0.18
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    Racing Car Eraser

    5cm Racing Car Eraser only 20p each

    £0.20 £0.18
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    Christmas Stickers

    A sheet of Christmas themed stickers, great for decorating children’s belongings and gifts.


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    Perfumed Mini Notebooks

    A Simon Elvin perfumed mini notebook with scented patterned pages. H6.25cm x W4cm. Available in a variety of bright designs.

    £0.22 £0.19
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    Little Fairy Stickers

    Fairy Stickers for younger children, each set of stickers includes 10 cute fairy stickers, they are great for personalising items.

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    Gem Ring

    A sparkling plastic Gem Ring. The gem rings are available in 6 different designs. The rings have a gap at the back of the ring for an easy fit and removal.

    The Gem Rings are a fun party bag filler for girls who love to dress up and are very popular with girls aged 3 to 7 years of age.

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    Magic Moving Pictures

    Magic Moving Pictures appear to move as you slide a lined sleeve over the image. The images are mounted onto thick card. We are using ours as a bookmark.

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    Troll Pencil Topper

    The Troll Pencil Topper is a true retro party bag gift, suitable for a wide age range of girls and boys.

    The trolls are either a pencil topper with wild long hair or a little troll toy with wild bright hair. The trolls are available with three brave hair colours, bright red, bold green and a peachy orange.

    The Trolls are very roughly 4cm high (minus the hair) to a maximum of 3cm wide.

    £0.24 £0.22
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    Snowflake Notebook

    A little, spiral bound notebook with a snowflake design cover and blank white pages inside.

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    Animal Erasers with pose-able limbs

    A variety of fun animal erasers  with pose-able limbs  Sold individually. Popular with girls and boys.

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    Dressing-Up Ring

    A fun and colourful dressing-up ring, perfect for little girl’s jewellery boxes. The rings have a pink plastic split ring to ensure the perfect fit. and come in a wide range of plastic and sparkling designs.

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    Window Walker Bugs

    Window Walker Bugs are a party bag favourite. They are suitable for girls and boys from a wide age range.

    To use throw the brightly coloured bugs at the window and then watch as they flip over and crawl down.


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    Christmas Pencil

    A pencil with a festive design topped with a Christmas themed eraser. Available in 3 designs. A selection of each design will be sent in accordance with your order.

    If you require a specific item, please notify us in the shopping cart area, email us or use the web form on the “Home” page.

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    Wooden Bracelet Kit

    The wooden bracelet kit comprises of multicolored beads, and a threading cord. The bracelets are available in three designs; heart, star and ladybird. They all come with plain round and flat beads.

    £0.35 £0.28
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    Dinosaur Notebook

    A quality, cute dinosaur notebook with the coloured front picture repeated on the writing/drawing pages. Suitable for girls and boys. Approximately 8.5cm high.

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    Christmas Glider

    Launch the bright and festive Santa and the snowman into the air, the more practise they have the faster the will fly on Christmas Eve. Each glider comes “flat Packed” in its own little envelope.

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    Punch Balloon

    A brightly coloured Punch Balloon. Punch Balloons are a very popular party bag gift, particularly with pre-schoolers. The larger size makes the balloons easier to control in comparison to standard balloons. Punch Balloons can be used in two ways; you can either hold the band and bounce the balloon, or remove the elastic band and play with the enormous balloon.

    The Punch Balloons have a lightly pearlised colour to them and inflate up to approximately 32cm.

    £0.35 £0.30
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    Puzzle Snake

    The Puzzle Snake is a 22cm set of 24 connected triangular shaped prisms. Or more simply put! Twist and turn the connected triangles to make fun shapes. Can you make the ball?

    The Snakes are white with a coloured face of either red, yellow or green. They are popular with girls and boys. Our customers often include them in party bags for both girls and boys


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    Small Pack of Modelling Clay

    A small pack of modelling clay. Available in 6 colours, height 6 cm x width 9.5 cm. CE Registered 3 years+

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    Pirate Bracelet

    A pirate themed bracelet with skull and cross bones. The bracelet has a choice of two press stud fasteners to vary the width. Available in two colours. Please specify your colour choice under “instructions” in the checkout, otherwise a random selection will be sent. Suitable for ages 5+.



    £0.45 £0.35
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    Frozen Balloon

    A Frozen printed balloon, available as a choice from 3 designs Olaf, Elsa, Anna & Elsa.

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    Star Wars Balloon

    A Star Wars printed balloon, available as a choice from 2 designs

    If you require a specific design please notify us at the point of placing your order, you can do this either by sending us an email to or by completing the “Special Instructions” box in the shopping cart area.

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    Test Tube Touchable Bubbles

    Bubble Magic Touchable Bubbles. The bubble solution hardens so that you can catch and stack the bubbles. CE Registered 3yrs+.




    £0.60 £0.47
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    Wooden Flower Necklace

    The wooden flower necklace is a pink and purple wooden bead necklace with an abstract flower design.

    Please note; due to the small beads and elastic cord on this bracelet and other jewellery items we sell, all of our jewellery items are unsuitable for children under 3 years of age.

    £0.64 £0.48
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    Christmas Elfie 5 Piece Stationery Set

    Our Christmas Elfie 5 Piece Stationery Set is suitable for a wide age range of children.

    Christmas Elfie 5 Piece Stationery Set – Contents

    Every Christmas Elfie Stationery Set includes the following items:

    • A ruler;
    • a pencil with an eraser topper;
    • a pencil sharpener;
    • an eraser, and
    • a notebook.

    The notebooks have plain white note paper. They are available in three designs, a snowman, Father Christmas and an elfie taking a selfie!

    Only one notebook is supplied per stationery set, a random selection will be sent with each order.

    If you require a specific design please tell us at the point of placing your order and we will do our very best to accommodate your wishes from the stock we have available. Once we have completed your order and sealed your box we are unable to make any further changes.

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    Wooden Ladybird or Bee Coat Hooks

    A choice of either a wooden ladybird or bee with twin coat hooks. Maximum length 13cm Maximum height 9.5cm.A random selection will be sent unless otherwise requested.

    Save with our special low price only £1.

    £1.00 £0.70
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    Spider-Man Stickers

    A pack with 5 strips of Marvel Ultimate Spider-Man Stickers. Height 26 cm, This is taller than most party bags. The sticker sheets have varying numbers of stickers upon each sheet.


    £0.90 £0.75
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    Paw Patrol Foil Re-Useable Stickers

    A set of 15 Paw Patrol Foil Re-Useable Stickers. Re-useable stickers are easy to remove from places you may not have wanted decorating.


    £0.80 £0.75
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    Butterfly Paint Set

    The Butterfly Paint Set consists of a plaster butterfly, 4 paint pots and a paintbrush. The plaster shape is available in two designs; a butterfly and what appears to be more of an insect hovering above a large flower.

    We will send a random selection with each order, we always try to send a similar quantity of each design with each order, this is dependant upon stock available and order quantity.

    Butterfly Paint Set – Pack Size-Caution

    This is a larger item and will not fit into every party bag with ease. Each pack measures 21cm height x 14cm width x 2.5cm depth. The Butterfly Paint Sets fit into some of the larger Birthday party bags (plastic). The paint sets just about fit into the paper party bags without handles but it is difficult to fold down the top of the bag and maintain the shape.

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    Thomas and Friends Foil Re-Usable Stickers

    A sheet of 21 Thomas and Friends Foil Re-usable stickers per sheet. Perfect for your little one to decorate their favourite things if they decide to decorate other areas they are easy to peel off and relocate!



  • 0 out of 5

    Peppa Pig Foil Re-Usable Stickers

    26 Peppa Pig foil re-usable stickers per sheet. Perfect to decorate boxes, toys, pencil cases, gifts, greetings cards, bikes and bags. If your little one decides to re-style your home with the stickers they are easy to peel off and relocate!!!!

    Suitable for children aged 3 years+




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    Racecar Sketchbook

    The Racecar Sketchbook is packed full of activities based on a car and racing theme. They are an ideal gift for older children, budding artists or car and racing fans.

    The Sketchbook as 20 pages of design sketches, 2 plastic stencil sheets and sticker sheets to assist with designing your very own racing cars and driver suits. Use the stencils to complete the outline pictures.

    £1.00 £0.85
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    Princess Lip Gloss

    A fun lip gloss with a princess design for girls. Lift the lid and there are two lip colours, one light pink, one red and a small lip brush with brush at either end.

    The colours add a gentle sheen to lips without looking too heavy.

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    Fairy Bath Fizzer

    Place the fizzer in the bath; allow it to dissolve to find your very own fairy.


    £1.50 £1.25
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    Wooden Construction Vehicle Kit

    Make your own bulldozer, carriage hoist, cement truck, dump truck, excavator or road roller. Made from quality wood, press the pieces out and assemble according to the instructions. No glue or tools required.
    Please note this is a larger item H23cm x W18cm and may be too large for some of the smaller party bags. Please check party bag sizes when ordering.
    CE Registered 3yrs+ Aimed for children of 6yrs+

    Reduced Price, now only £1.40

    £1.70 £1.35
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    Juggling Balls

    Juggling Balls consist of  3 brightly coloured juggling beanbag type balls. They come in a mesh sack with a header card. These have become a really popular party bag gift for older children. Full demonstrations with easy to follow practice sessions can be found on Youtube.

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    Santa Building Blocks

    Make your own Santa out of building blocks from this kit. The Santa pictured was made by someone just turned 7 years old. They love to build lego, but they did need a little help with some of the pieces for Santas sack as the pieces were held together and supported from pieces a row or two above. The bricks could have been pushed together more but as always her aim is to build the object as fast as possible.

    Having now built Santa and the Snowman we found it easier to sort the bricks for each line first and then commence building. In some places you need to build a row or two above to be able to fix a row below into place. If you sort the bricks for each row first it makes it easier to move forward and then backwards to complete a row.

    Height approximately 15.5cm high.

    £3.00 £2.00
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    Christmas Building Blocks

    Buy Santa and the Snowman building blocks and save money. Normally Â£3 each save 50p if you buy one of each together.

    The instructions are not as clear as the major brand, however, our just 7-year-old found it a lot easier once she had sorted the bricks required for each row first

    £5.50 £3.80