Christmas Stocking Fillers

Our Christmas Stocking Fillers include a selection of children’s pocket money activities and gifts with prices starting at less than 50p and many items less than £1.

Our Stocking filler gifts are suitable for a wide age range of girls and boys. They include little fun gifts and activities which will add to the fun of Christmas without costing you too much money. They make ideal little stocking filler activities and gifts for Christmas Eve, class friends or class gifts from teachers or sporting activities and clubs.

The gifts include Christmas themed items and some of our popular party bag activities.

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    Christmas Puzzle Book

    The Christmas Puzzle Book has 16 pages of  Christmas-themed puzzles and quizzes. The puzzles include word searches, addition, anagrams, colouring pages, spot the difference, dot to dot, word games and drawing challenges.



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    Christmas Pencil

    A pencil with a festive design topped with a Christmas themed eraser. Available in 3 designs. A selection of each design will be sent in accordance with your order.

    If you require a specific item, please notify us in the shopping cart area, email us or use the web form on the “Home” page.

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    Christmas Sticker Activity Book

    A Christmas themed activity book with colouring pages, puzzles and stickers. Lots of festive fun in the easy to transport A6 size.

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    Christmas Slide Puzzle

    Bright, Christmas themed slide puzzle, available in 3 designs, 6cm x 6cm

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    Racing Car Blocks

    A small box of plastic bricks to make a racing car and person. 6 to collect. Instructions are on the reverse of the box

    £0.45 £0.40
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    Gingerbread Activity Set

    Add a little Christmas theme to your party bag goodies and save some money. We have combined the Christmas Sticker Activity Book and the Gingerbread Man Crayon and then reduced the price by 10p for buying the two together.


    £0.65 £0.55
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    Christmas Rubber Ducks

    A fun party bag or stocking filler. Available in 6 designs.


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    A fun and creative gift suitable for children 4years +. Available in 6 designs, each pack contains a bead frame with over 200 assorted beads and ironing papers.

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    7 Paint Your Own Christmas Sun Catchers

    The 7 Paint Your Own Christmas Sun Catchers are a fun Christmas gift for only 65p. They include a paintbrush, 4 tubs of paint, gold string and 7 plastic sun catchers waiting to be painted.

    7 Paint Your Own Christmas Sun Catchers – Designs

    The plastic sun catchers include the following designs:

    • a sleigh;
    • a snowman;
    • a Christmas tree with baubles;
    • a waving snowman;
    • a Father Christmas with a large sack;
    • Christmas bells, and
    • a Christmas bauble.

    **Care**please read this- Large Backing Card!

    The backing card for this item is large. It measures approximately; height 28cm x width 17.5cm. This is wider than our Christmas bags. (great planning!). If you wish to add these to a party bag, you will need to select one of our larger party bags with a handle. We are happy to help you with this matter.

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    Clockwork Tumbling Train

    A little, clockwork, tumbling train. Wind it up, it rolls across the floor, rolls onto its sidebar, changes direction and rolls off again.


    CE Registered 3 years+

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    Vehicle Building Brick Set

    A plastic building brick set. Each pack contains clear step-by-step instructions, plastic bricks and stickers to complete the vehicle design. Some packs contain figures.

    Available in 5 themes, racing car, construction vehicle, police, army vehicle and fire brigade. There are a number of designs for each theme, a random selection will be sent unless otherwise specified in the”comments” section in the shopping cart area.

    The packs range from 19 to 40 pieces, They are aimed at 6 years + without assistance. Due to small parts they are not suitable for children under the ages of three years old. The presentation boxes measure 9.5cm long x 7cm high x  4.5cm wide.

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    Small Metal Construction Kit

    A small metal construction kit with a screwdriver, spanner and instructions. Contents range from 48 to 56 pieces. 4 to collect

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    Metal Car Kit

    A metal car kit to construct. Each kit includes a detailed parts list, instructions a seven year old was able to follow  and a small spanner and screwdriver.

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    Racecar Sketchbook

    The Racecar Sketchbook is packed full of activities based on a car and racing theme. They are an ideal gift for older children, budding artists or car and racing fans.

    The Sketchbook as 20 pages of design sketches, 2 plastic stencil sheets and sticker sheets to assist with designing your very own racing cars and driver suits. Use the stencils to complete the outline pictures.

    £1.00 £0.85
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    Glitter Box

    A Glitter Box is a great way to add a little sparkle to your gifts. The boxes have a metal frame and completely removable lid with a felt pad in the base and lid.  They are available in 6 colours silver, blue, purple, pink, gold and green. The glitter boxes have a sparkling outer finish with mirrors and flower design.

    The Glitter Boxes are a fun gift for older girls to decorate their bedroom and keep important trinkets.

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    Ninja Turtles Large Pencil case

    A  very large Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pencil case. L 28cm x H 14 cm.


    £1.30 £0.90
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    Princess Lip Gloss

    A fun lip gloss with a princess design for girls. Lift the lid and there are two lip colours, one light pink, one red and a small lip brush with brush at either end.

    The colours add a gentle sheen to lips without looking too heavy.

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    Magic Sets

    The Magic Sets contain a mix of magic tricks and an instruction booklet, There are three different magic sets available. Each set includes a magic wand….which is not always black and white! a card trick and two more items to perform magic tricks.

    The instruction booklet includes a variety of magic tricks. These tricks use the wand and a combination of the props included to perform a selection of magic tricks.

    The magic tricks require dexterity, sleight of hand and a little practice to perfect. For these reasons, the magic tricks are unsuitable for young children. We would suggest they are more suitable for children 7 years +

    Magic Sets- Pack Dimensions & you need to build the magic wand!

     The Height of the packaging, including the excess backing card is height 26cm x width 19cm

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    Star Wars Force Awakens Tin Pencil Case

    A Star Wars metal pencil case with the design on the outside (top & Bottom) and with a plain white interior.

    Interior length 19.5cm x interior width 5.75cm. Exterior height 2cm.

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    Star Wars Coin Wallet

    A Star Wars coin wallet with a clip to attach to school or sports bags.  The coin wallet has the Star Wars logo on one side and the “First Order” image on the other. The outer shell is hard with a zip around closure and a plain white interior.

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    Fairy Bath Fizzer

    Place the fizzer in the bath; allow it to dissolve to find your very own fairy.


    £1.50 £1.25
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    Wooden Construction Vehicle Kit

    Make your own bulldozer, carriage hoist, cement truck, dump truck, excavator or road roller. Made from quality wood, press the pieces out and assemble according to the instructions. No glue or tools required.
    Please note this is a larger item H23cm x W18cm and may be too large for some of the smaller party bags. Please check party bag sizes when ordering.
    CE Registered 3yrs+ Aimed for children of 6yrs+

    Reduced Price, now only £1.40

    £1.70 £1.40
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    Juggling Balls

    Juggling Balls consist of  3 brightly coloured juggling beanbag type balls. They come in a mesh sack with a header card. These have become a really popular party bag gift for older children. Full demonstrations with easy to follow practice sessions can be found on Youtube.

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    Star Wars Stationery Set

    The Star Wars Stationery Set is a 5 piece stationery set with a The Force Awakens design.

    Each 5 piece Star Wars stationery set includes a pencil, sharpener, eraser, ruler and a thick lined notebook with the Star Wars logo on each page.


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    Santa Building Blocks

    Make your own Santa out of building blocks from this kit. The Santa pictured was made by someone just turned 7 years old. They love to build lego, but they did need a little help with some of the pieces for Santas sack as the pieces were held together and supported from pieces a row or two above. The bricks could have been pushed together more but as always her aim is to build the object as fast as possible.

    Having now built Santa and the Snowman we found it easier to sort the bricks for each line first and then commence building. In some places you need to build a row or two above to be able to fix a row below into place. If you sort the bricks for each row first it makes it easier to move forward and then backwards to complete a row.

    Height approximately 15.5cm high.

    £3.00 £2.00
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    Animal Tile Puzzle

    Animal tile puzzle consists of 19 quality hexagonal pieces featuring an assortment of heads and tails. All you have to do is form the honeycomb shape by matching the colourful animals correctly on all sides.
    You just have to find the right pieces! Fun for all ages.

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    Star Wars Water Bottle

    A metal water bottle with a choice of 3 “Star Wars” designs. Each water bottle has a 500ml capacity with a secure plunger to avoid leaks. They are ideal for lunch boxes and day trips.


    Similar items with an “Avengers” and a “Frozen” design are now available.


    £3.95 £2.75
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    Frozen Water Bottle

    A metal water bottle with a choice of 3 “Frozen” designs. Each water bottle has a 500ml capacity. The pale blue bottle features Olaf, the turquoise and pink bottles have a picture of Elsa and Anna.

    A random choice will be sent unless specified by email or in the “Special Instructions” section in the Shopping Cart




    £3.95 £3.00
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    Avengers Water Bottle

    A metal water bottle with a choice of 3 “Avengers” designs. The water bottles show the main “Avengers” characters. The silver bottle has the Avengers logo. A random selection will be sent unless otherwise specified in the “Special Instructions” section within the shopping cart area or via email.

    Each water bottle has a 500ml capacity with a secure plunger to avoid unnecessary leaks



    £3.95 £3.00
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    Christmas Building Blocks

    Buy Santa and the Snowman building blocks and save money. Normally Â£3 each save 50p if you buy one of each together.

    The instructions are not as clear as the major brand, however, our just 7-year-old found it a lot easier once she had sorted the bricks required for each row first

    £5.50 £3.80