It is a spooky time of year. If you are having a Halloween party or need some scary gifts, we have a selection of Halloween party bag gifts and Halloween themed pre-filled party bags.

For ideas of Halloween party games and ways to survive your celebration visit our blog post.

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    Monster Temporary Tattoo

    The Monster Tattoos come in a selection of four designs. Each tattoo has a shiny glitter design for it to stand out once applied. The tattoos are suitable for boys and girls and are applied by soaking the backing card thoroughly, waiting for 20 seconds and then peeling off the backing sheet.

    They measure 5cm x 5 cm approx and can be removed by either soaking in water, applying and removing clear tape or by rubbing baby oil onto the design.

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    Pirate Skull Tattoo

    A 5cm x 5cm (approx) pirate skull and crossbones tattoo. Remove with baby oil or clear tape. The tattoo will also wash off after a few washes

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    80p Party Sweet Cone

    Our 80p Party Sweet Cone is the cheaper version of our pre-filled party sweet cones. Our pre-filled party sweet cones include a selection of sweets and a party cone combined together and then reduced in price.

    Sweet cones provide a cost-effective solution for older children and adults.

    Please note: you will need to put the sweets into the sweet cone and seal the bags. We do not send any of our party bags already filled.  Parcels have a rough and bouncy journey between leaving us and arriving at your door. All similar items are carefully packaged together and clearly labelled. This ensures the bags and contents arrive without being crushed, crumpled or contents spilt everywhere. Packaging your goods in this manner also allows us to maintain a low delivery cost.

    80p Party Sweet Cone – Contents

    Our 80p party sweet cone includes the following selection of sweets and party cone:

    • A balloons party sweet cone with twist ties, please see below for further options;
    • a candy whistle;
    • a box of Spiderman Candy sticks with sticker enclosed;
    • a roll of Mini Love Hearts;
    • a small 10p pack of Haribo Star-Mix;
    • a Fruity Lollipop;
    • a Sherbet Tub;
    • 2x Rainbow Dust Straws, and
    • 1x Chocolate Football.

    1 sweet cone & 9 items of sweets.

    If you purchased these items individually from us they would cost 92p, If you buy the same items combined in this party sweet cone they are only 80p. This saves you 12p per sweet cone.

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    Skull & Bones Tattoo

    A 4.7cm x 4.7cm (approx) skull and skeleton themed tattoo. Sold individually, available in a choice of 6 designs, a random selection will be sent unless specifically requested

    Remove with baby oil or clear tape. The tattoo will also wash off after a few washes

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    Monster Stickers

    11 smiling monster stickers with big eyes. This item matches our Monster Party Bags, stationery sets and activity books.

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    Window Walker Bugs

    Window Walker Bugs are a party bag favourite. They are suitable for girls and boys from a wide age range.

    To use throw the brightly coloured bugs at the window and then watch as they flip over and crawl down.


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    Stretchy Spider

    Be careful where you leave them, horrible, fleshy, stretchy spiders.

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    Monster Sticker Activity Book

    The Monster Sticker Activity Book includes puzzles, stickers, dot-to-dot and colouring pages.

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