Younger Children Party Bag Fillers

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    Avengers Water Bottle

    A metal water bottle with a choice of 3 “Avengers” designs. The water bottles show the main “Avengers” characters. The silver bottle has the Avengers logo. A random selection will be sent unless otherwise specified in the “Special Instructions” section within the shopping cart area or via email.

    Each water bottle has a 500ml capacity with a secure plunger to avoid unnecessary leaks



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    50x Pirate Pencils

    50x Pirate Pencils is part of our bulk purchase products sold at a discounted price.

    The Pirate Pencil is a popular party bag gift suitable for girls and boys. They are also an excellent way to add an extra item to your party bag for a very low price. The height of the pencil guarantees your party bag will not have a few small items hiding at the bottom of your party bag.

    Pirate Pencil – Party Bag Ideas

    As a popular party bag gift, we have included the pirate pencils in some of our unisex pre-filled party bags and party fillers. Our Pre-filled party bags and party fillers include a selection of party gifts combined together and then reduced in price. The pre-filled party bags also include a party bag. They provide you with a quick party bag solution whilst still saving money.…-a-punch-balloon/

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    50x Snowflake Pencils

    Our 50x Snowflake Pencils allows you to buy a larger quantity of the party bag gifts at a reduced price. The pencils have a snowflake design and an eraser top.

    These pencils are a popular gift suitable for a wide age range. We do sell the snowflake pencils in individual quantities but we have reduced the cost when you purchase 50. This allows you to save a little bit extra when you buy for larger parties or celebrations.

    Our Bulk Purchase Party Fillers allows you to buy popular party bag gifts at a reduced price for larger orders. All items are in stock and are available for immediate despatch.

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    50x Punch Balloons

    This is for a pack of 50x Punch Balloons.

    The balloons are available in 6 colours; red/pink, yellow, blue, green , purple and orange. A mixture of these colours will be sent with each order. The balloons have a strong band to bounce the balloon. Alternatively, remove the elastic band for a large bouncing balloon.

    We also sell these balloons as single items.

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