Play Activities

A collection of toys and activities to keep your younger guests amused and release some of that energy whilst your adult guests relax and enjoy your celebration. Weddings can be a long time for children to be on their best behaviour,our party bag fillers for weddings have been selected to allow children to participate in your wedding celebrations without upsetting your guests whilst providing them with entertainment appropriate for their age.

For more information on wedding activity bags and choosing the activities to complement your venue and guests please visit our blog pages where we combine our knowledge and answer our most frequently asked questions.

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    Spinning Top

    A happy spinning top with a smiley face. Available in a variety of colours.

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    Pull Back Butterfly and Bees

    The Pull Back Butterfly and Bees are brightly coloured butterfly & bee designs placed onto a flywheel. Pull them back and they will race forward.

    They are available in a selection of brightly coloured designs. We will send a mixture of designs with each order.

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    Celebration Bubbles

    Bubbles in a shaped celebration bottle. Suitable for children and adults.

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    A single, latex balloon which will inflate up to 30 cm in diameter.

    Balloons are always a popular party bag gift for younger children. Balloons can help pre-schoolers with co-ordination and catching skills and are always a reminder of fun party time.


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    Jumping Frog

    A Jumping Frog. Press their back and watch them jump.  Based upon the traditional little plastic frogs but a lot more sturdy these little frogs are available in four colours; green, orange, pink and yellow.

    Jumping Frog – Dimensions

    The dimensions of the frogs are approximately; maximum length 5.5cm x maximum frog length width 5.5cm x maximum height 1.5cm….ish!

    The frogs are not suitable for children under 3 years of age.

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    Smiley Stretchy Man

    A Smiley Stretchy Man.

    Stretch him, wrap his legs behind his head, fling him across the room and this little man still smiles.

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    Jet Ball

    A high bouncing jet ball, available in a variety of designs. A party bag favourite for all age groups.

    CE Registered, not suitable for children under 3 years.

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    7 Mini Dinosaurs

    7 coloured dinosaurs in a polythene bag. Dinosaurs vary with each pack. Definitely not life like, but really popular and a favourite for all dinosaur fans.

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    Small Tambourine

    A popular party bag gift for younger children. The small tambourines are available in four colours, green, yellow, orange and pink. They have a bright butterfly design. CE Registered 3yrs+

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    Stretchy Spider

    Be careful where you leave them, horrible, fleshy, stretchy spiders.

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    Finger Spies

    Eye Puppets. Turn your fingers into instant puppets. Dress up your hand or keep it simple. Lots of fun. CE Registered 3yrs+


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    Punch Balloon

    A brightly coloured Punch Balloon. Punch Balloons are a very popular party bag gift, particularly with pre-schoolers. The larger size makes the balloons easier to control in comparison to standard balloons. Punch Balloons can be used in two ways; you can either hold the band and bounce the balloon, or remove the elastic band and play with the enormous balloon.

    The Punch Balloons have a lightly pearlised colour to them and inflate up to approximately 32cm.

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    Test Tube Touchable Bubbles

    Bubble Magic Touchable Bubbles. The bubble solution hardens so that you can catch and stack the bubbles. CE Registered 3yrs+.




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    Clockwork Tumbling Train

    A little, clockwork, tumbling train. Wind it up, it rolls across the floor, rolls onto its sidebar, changes direction and rolls off again.


    CE Registered 3 years+

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    Juggling Balls

    Juggling Balls consist of  3 brightly coloured juggling beanbag type balls. They come in a mesh sack with a header card. These have become a really popular party bag gift for older children. Full demonstrations with easy to follow practice sessions can be found on Youtube.