Table Top Games

Bring your guests of all ages together with a selection of our table top games. Our selection of table top party games can be mastered by all ages to provide a fun and economical way to entertain your guests during the less formal times of your wedding day.


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    Party Boxes 360

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    Wooden Pick Up Sticks

    The traditional game for all ages. Put the sticks in a pile and then take it in turns to remove one stick at a time. If you move another stick you miss a turn. The player with the most sticks wins.


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    Football Playing Cards

    Small playing cards with a football design H6cm x W4cm.

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    Animal Tile Puzzle

    The Animal tile puzzle consists of 19 quality hexagonal pieces featuring an assortment of heads and tails. All you have to do is form the honeycomb shape by matching the colourful animals correctly on all sides. Not quite as simple as it sounds
    You just have to find the right pieces! Fun for all ages.

    Animal Tile Puzzle – Design choices available.

    The puzzles are available in four designs, either butterfly, bugs, lizards or fish. We will send a random choice with each order unless we receive specific instructions at the time of placing an order.

    You may notify us of any design or colour choices for anything you may purchase from us at the point of placing your order. Once we have sealed your box we are unable to make any further changes to an order.

    You can notify us of your choices by using any of the following options:

    • completing the “Special Instructions” box when paying for your order;
    • telephoning us on 01952 253033;
    • send an email to, or
    • by completing the “Contact Us” form on our Home Page.
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