Wedding Bag Fillers

Wedding activity bags are a great way to keep children entertained throughout all parts of your special day without costing a fortune. The party bag fillers can be tailored to the individual child whilst providing entertainment in keeping with the style of your wedding. We have seperated the contents for your wedding activity bags into activities to burn energy and quiet activities for when it is important. This should help you to choose items that will occupy your younger guests and still keep them an integral part of your special day.

Wedding activity bags are meant to provide children with a focus and fun throughout the day without risk to your venue, guests or your memories. They are very popular with parents who can struggle to keep a child happy and entertained during the confines of a wedding environment.For further information and help visit our Blog pages, we have information explaining the purpose and help with choosing your contents or contact us by either phoning 01952 253033 or using our website contact form

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    Racing Car Eraser

    5cm Racing Car Eraser only 20p each

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    Little Party Gifts

    Our Little Party Gifts combines a selection of popular party bag gifts for younger children. This selection of party bag gifts provides fun activities for all interests.

    Little Party Gifts – Contents

    Every set of gifts includes the following items:

    • A Pirate Duck;
    • a sheet of farm animal head stickers; and
    • a punch balloon

    3 gifts


    Our combined party bags combine a selection of gifts combined together, sold as a single item at a reduced price. If you purchase the items included in this selection of party bag gifts from us individually they cost 87p at their sale prices. If you purchase the same items combined in this selection of gifts they only cost 80p at our sale prices. This saves you 7p per set of gifts.

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    Party Favourites Party Bag Gifts

    Our Party Favourites Party Bag Gifts is a great value selection of party bag gifts combined as a single item and sold at a reduced price. The items included in the selection of party bag gifts are suitable for a wide age range. The gifts are suitable for girls and boys and cover a wide range of interests.

    Party Favourites Party Bag Gifts – Contents

    This selection of party bag gifts includes the following items:

    • A Fun Puzzle Book;
    • a Fish Pencil with eraser;
    • a Troll Pencil Topper;
    • a Jazzy Blowout, and
    • a Jet Ball

    5 party bag gifts.

    If you purchased these gifts from us as individual items they cost 98p. When you buy the same items combined together in this combination of party bag gifts they only cost 85p. This saves you 13p per set of party bag gifts.