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We are reviewing all stock items in preparation for new items on their way to us. Instead of issuing a discount code we are reducing the price of our stock. Please visit our sale section as new items will be added regularly to help us to make way for new lines due very soon. Click here to view them

We are actively reviewing our current stock holding daily, we will be reducing the prices of some of our stock items to help us to refresh the range of products we sell. The majority of our sale items will not be restocked, so if there is something you want it may be better to buy now rather than later.

To allow you to still save money we are also reducing the prices of our party bags and boxes to complement the reduced price party fillers in our “Sale Items”. This will allow you to buy your party bags, boxes and fillers at discounted and low prices if you wish.

All discounted and soon to be discontinued individual items are available in our “Sale Items”.

Alternatively, our pre-filled party bag section includes a selection of party bag gifts with a party bag for you to buy as a quick solution to your party bag needs. These are sold at a reduced price to our standard prices. We also have combined party fillers which include a selection of party bag gifts sold as a single item and also reduced in price. This allows you to choose your own style of party bag whilst still saving money.

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