Pre-Filled Party Bags

Pre-Filled Bags

Birthday parties are considered to be one of the most important celebrations in the year, and whilst enjoyable for the person celebrating, can be such a struggle for the person planning the event, especially a parent. In the eyes of kids, the whole thing becomes super exciting because of the many activities, being with their friends, the birthday cake, and being spoilt for a whole day.
We offer a large selection of ready filled party bags and gifts for all types of birthdays. Our pre-filled bags are our most popular range due to being the least time consuming to order, whilst still having a huge range of items inside. A lot of our visitors prefer to order a filled bag for each guest and additionally a few different fillers for a couple of pence each that they can add into the party bags to customize them a little for each person.

If you are thinking about throwing a birthday party for your child, you first need to think about who will attend and what you will need (besides a litre of coffee). Unisex party bags are becoming much more common, but parents generally choose to order different sets of gifts for different genders with slightly different contents. Every kid looks forward to receiving one and generally nowadays is actually expected. It’s considered to be a very sweet gesture shown by the parents towards the children – after all, who doesn’t likes being shown sweet and thoughtful gestures in the form of gifts? I’d just love a bubble bath right now.

If you have hosted any birthday parties previously, which I guess you have if you’re looking at this page, you can obviously understand what a hassle going shopping for a lot of different items, buying the bags and individually filling them can be. Additionally, if you have a long list of guests, you can easily term it to be a living nightmare. It all starts from the purchase of goody bags to then packing each and every item, you will have to start a couple of days in advance, visit at least 5 different shops, and double check you have given equal amounts to each guest. This all eats into the important parts of planning a birthday party, such as entertainment, confirmations, birthday cakes, main gifts, events, catering etc.

Even though you might be thinking of it as a joke right now, it actually is not. All your prayers have finally been answered – We get so many happy comments from happy parents telling us we have saved them from days of stress and wasted time, and nearly all of our customers put in another order year after year. If you don’t have time to even place an order here, you are more than welcome to call me, give me your requirements and I’ll put together the perfect set of gift bags to suit your event. If you have a certain theme which you will be following, then it is quite normal that you would want the gift bags to be of the same or a similar theme as well. This is again something which can be handled by us. Just simply tell us about the theme and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Please note we do not send out our pre-filled party bags ready made. all items are grouped together for you to add to the party bags when they arrive. We like to include a mixture of fun gifts, not just square flat items. The party bags are easy to crease and by the time the courier has bounced your parcel to you the bags may be damaged and creased and the contents may have escaped. For further information on our Pre-filled party bags please visit our Blog Post