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    Zebra Print Cello Party Bag

    The Zebra Print Cello Party Bag is a party bag suitable for older girls. The party bag has a black and white animal print design with a pink border on the top and bottom of the party bag.

    Cello party bags are a popular party bag choice. They are available in a wide selection of designs and colours. This allows you to mix and match patterns and colours for a vibrant display of party bags.

    Every cello party bag comes with a twist tie to seal the party bag but you can also use stickers, clear tape, ribbon or cord.

    Zebra Print Cello Party Bag- Dimensions

    The dimensions of the zebra print party bag are approximately; height 28cm  x width 12.5cm x gusset 5.5cm.

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    Rabbit Erasers

    A choice of 3 brightly coloured rabbit erasers. 5.5 cm high. The dungarees unclip and can be swapped.

    Not suitable for children under 3 years.

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    Animal Erasers with pose-able limbs

    A variety of fun animal erasers  with pose-able limbs  Sold individually. Popular with girls and boys.

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    Small Wild Animal Stationery Pack

    A small wild animal themed stationery pack with 12 animal face stickers, a pencil with eraser and three small tiger erasers.

    We also sell larger sheets of the same stickers and zoo themed stationery sets including a ruler, pencil, sharpener and eraser.

    Stationery sets are always a good way to add a number of items to your party bag, without costing a lot of money.

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    Wild Animal Masks

    The Wild Animal Masks are currently out of stock. We are expecting more stock to be with us at the beginning of September.

    Fun, EVA masks based upon a wild animal theme. Available in 6 designs; monkey, lion, elephant, giraffe, tiger & zebra.

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    Jungle and Animals Pre-filled Party Bag


    Our Jungle and Animals Pre-filled Party bag includes a selection of animal-themed stationery items and fun party bag gifts.

    Jungle and Animals Pre-filled Party Bag

    Every pre-filled party bag includes the following party bag and collection of gifts:

    • A balloons cello party bag;
    • A Jungle and Animals Stationery set which contains; a themed notebook, ruler, eraser, pencil and sharpener;
    • a Finger Fright, and
    • a jazzy blowout.

    7 party bag gifts and a party bag.

    Our  pre-filled party bags include a party bag and gifts combined together and then reduced in price. If you purchased these items from us individually they cost £1.12. If you purchase the same items combined together in this pre-filled party bag they only cost 99p. This saves you 13p per pre-filled party bag.

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    Animal Tile Puzzle

    Animal tile puzzle consists of 19 quality hexagonal pieces featuring an assortment of heads and tails. All you have to do is form the honeycomb shape by matching the colourful animals correctly on all sides.
    You just have to find the right pieces! Fun for all ages.

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