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    A single, latex balloon which will inflate up to 30 cm in diameter.

    Balloons are always a popular party bag gift for younger children. Balloons can help pre-schoolers with co-ordination and catching skills and are always a reminder of fun party time.


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    10x Balloon Party Invitations

    10 party invitations with a balloon design and 10 envelopes. The design is printed onto card, the reverse of the invitation is plain as shown

    These are the end of a product line with a supplier, hence the low price. The invitations have a matte finish with a space to write the recipient’s name, the party date, time & place and RSVP details. The invitations do not have a silky, luxurious feel to them, but they are generic and only cost 2p per invitation. Now reduced to 1p per invitation

    Invitation height 12.5cm x 7cm maximum.


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    Balloon Sweet Cone

    The Balloon Sweet Cone is a clear cello party bag with a balloon design printed onto the front and rear of each cone bag.

    Every party sweet cone comes with a twist tie to seal the bag. Alternatively, you can use ribbon, clear tape or even stickers to seal your sweet cone. This sweet cone has a generic design which is suitable for girls and boys of all ages.

    Sweet cones are an economical and functional party bag choice for older children. Sweets are always a popular choice with children and provide a choice for older children who have already received many party bags and may be too old for many of the traditional party bag gifts.

    Balloon Sweet Cone – Dimensions

    The dimensions for this party sweet cone is approximately 37cm in length. It tapers to a narrow point.



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    Balloons Cello Party Bag

    The Balloons Cello Party Bag has a bright balloon design.  Balloons are a traditional party image making this party bag suitable for adults and children. The design appears on both sides of the party bag and is suitable for girls or boys.

    The balloon design appears on both sides of the party bag. Cello party bags come with a twist tie the seal the bag but you can tie the bag with chord or ribbon. As an alternative you can fold the excess party bag down towards your gifts and then seal the party bag with clear tape. This makes a little parcel for your guests to open

    Balloons Cello Party Bag- Dimensions

    The dimensions of the cello party bag are approximately; height 28cm  x width 12.5cm x Gusset 5.5 cm.

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    Balloon Head Animals

    Turn a balloon into an animal. Each pack comes with a balloon, feet and stickers. Blow up the balloon, attach to the feet and then add stickers.  Available in 8 designs; chick, cow, crab, elephant, frog, monkey, pig and toucan

    A variety will be sent with each under unless specified in the “Special Instructions” box of the shopping cart



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    Punch Balloon

    A brightly coloured Punch Balloon. Punch Balloons are a very popular party bag gift, particularly with pre-schoolers. The larger size makes the balloons easier to control in comparison to standard balloons. Punch Balloons can be used in two ways; you can either hold the band and bounce the balloon, or remove the elastic band and play with the enormous balloon.

    The Punch Balloons have a lightly pearlised colour to them and inflate up to approximately 32cm.

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    Frozen Balloon

    A Frozen printed balloon, available as a choice from 3 designs Olaf, Elsa, Anna & Elsa.