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    Hearts Cello Party Bag

    The Hearts Cello Party Bag is a clear party bag covered in red and pink hearts. The design features on the front and rear of the party bag. It is, however, possible to see the contents through the clear cello party bag. If you wish to keep your gift a surprise you will need to wrap your gifts with either wrapping or tissue paper.

    All cello party bags come with twist ties to seal the party bag. The vast majority of party bags have silver twist ties but the Hearts Cello Party Bag has a red plastic twist tie.

    Hearts Cello Party Bag- Dimensions

    The dimensions of the cello party bag are approximately; height 28cm  x width 12.5cm x gusset 5.5cm.

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    Angel Pre-Filled Party Bag

    ur Angel Pre-Filled Party Bag is an economical but fun party bag. The pre-filled party bag includes a selection of popular party bag gifts suitable for a wide age range of girls. The party bag is suitable for you to use with the gifts supplied. Alternatively, you can take advantage of the low price and add a few extra items of your own choice

    Angel Pre-filled Party Bag – Contents

    The Angel pre-filled party bag includes the following party bag and gifts:

    • A Little Angel party bag;
    • a sheet of butterfly stickers;
    • a butterfly tattoo;
    • a rabbit eraser;
    • a jazzy pencil, and
    • a jazzy blow-out.

    Our pre-filled party bag consists of a party bag and collection of gifts we have combined together and then reduced in price. If you purchase these items from us separately they cost 71p. When you purchase the same items combined together in this pre-filled party bag they only cost 65p. This saves you 6p per pre-filled party bag.

    Jazzy Blowouts- Change to Product

    Due to a change in EU legislation please see below for details to the change in the level of noise the product makes.

    This item has been classified as a Toy Product due to the play value to a child and because of this, the item must now pass stricter safety/ testing processes to ensure the product complies to the EU Toy Safety Directive.

    Because the product is classified as a mouth activated toy the width of the blowout foil/paper has been increased to 4cm to ensure the paper/foil can not fit into a small parts cylinder and is therefore not deemed to be a small part that could be swallowed by a child.

    The noise of the blowout has had to be reduced due to the acoustic level restriction that a toy is permitted to make, this change was enforced due to a change in the permitted acoustic levels of the EU Toy Safety Directive.

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    Royal Blue Cello Party Bag

    A  plain, royal blue, cellophane, party bags. Each bag comes with a twist tie to seal.

    H28cm x W12.5cm, Gusset 5.5cm approx. An economical and functional party bag. The bag is semi-transparent, so the contents will be visible.

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    Red and White Dot Cello Party Bag

    The red and White Dot Cello Party Bag has a bright red design with white dots on both sides of the party bag.

    Red and White Dot Cello Party Bag – Dimnensions

    The dimensions of the party bag are approximately: height 28cm  x width 12.5cm x gusset 5.5cm.

    This is a popular design suitable for Christmas, it also matches are red and white polka dot paper party bag and party box which are popular throughout the whole of the year.

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