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    Dark Green Cello Party Bag

    A Dark Green Cello Party Bag with matching green metallic twist ties to seal your party bag. Alternatively, you can use clear tape, name labels, ribbons, or even stickers to seal your party bag. If your child has a favourite character from a cartoon or book but you cannot find a suitable party bag, sealing a party bag with a sticker of their character will help towards your party theme.

    Cello Party Bags – Mix and match your colours and patterns

    Cello party bags are an economical and versatile party bag. They are available in a wide variety of patterns and colours which can be mixed together to create a colourful display for your party bags and home-baked items. The cello party bags are semi-transparent and are suitable for girls and boys of all ages.


    Dark Green Cello Party Bag – Dimensions

    The dimensions of this party bag are approximately; height 28cm x width 12.5cm x maximum gusset width of 5.5cm.

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