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    Fish Pencil, Eraser and Notebook

    A selection of party bag favourites, a pencil and shaped eraser with a fish design and a holographic notebook. Popular with girls and boys.

    We have reduced the price by 8p for buying these two items together.


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    Owl Eraser

    The Owl Eraser is a cute and fun eraser suitable for a wide age range. The owl erasers are available in 4 colours, grey, fawn, pink and purple.  They are approximately 3.5cm high.

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    Princess Pencil, Eraser and Notebook

    Our princess pencil, eraser and notebook combines items frequently purchased together and reduces the price. This pack consists of an Ice Princess pencil with a snowflake shaped eraser topper and a holographic notebook.

    If you purchase these items from us individually they cost 53p each, if you purchase them as this combined item they only cost 45p, saving you 8p per set.

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    Dinosaur Eraser

    A choice of 4 large dinosaur erasers all with poseable limbs.

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    Football Pencil with Eraser

    A pencil and eraser with a football design.

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    Smile Eraser

    The Smile Eraser is a fun small eraser for only 10p each. The erasers are approximately a similar size to a 10p piece.

    The erasers have an emoji-style design. We will send a mixture of the designs with each order.

    The erasers are suitable for girls and boys and the low price point allows you to add an extra item to your party bags without a significant increase in their overall cost.

    We are presently selling these items at a reduced price of only 8p per eraser.

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    Christmas Eraser

    The Christmas Eraser is a fun eraser available in 6 designs; father Christmas, snowman, robin, reindeer, snowflake and a christmas tree.

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    Scented Eraser

    A very, very, lightly fruit-scented erasers.The erasers are oval shaped and come in vivid colours, they come supplied in a little box

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    Racing Car Eraser

    5cm Racing Car Eraser only 20p each

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    Christmas Pencil

    A pencil with a festive design topped with a Christmas themed eraser. Available in 3 designs. A selection of each design will be sent in accordance with your order.

    If you require a specific item, please notify us in the shopping cart area, email us or use the web form on the “Home” page.

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    Frozen Pencil with Eraser

    A pencil with a “Frozen” design topped with a themed eraser. Available in three designs. A random selection will be sent unless otherwise specified in the “special instructions” section within the shopping cart or by separate email.

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    Dinosaur Pencil, Eraser and Notebook

    Our Dinosaur Pencil, Eraser and Notebook combines popular items regularly purchased together and then we have reduced the price. The two items normally cost 53p if you purchase them from us separately. They are only 45p for the two if you purchase this combination set.

    Dinosaur Pencil, Eraser and Notebook-Design choices.

    The Holographic notebook comes in 6 different colours, the dinosaur pencil and eraser has 4 different design. A random selection of each item will be sent unless a request is received at the point of placing an order.


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    50x Smile Erasers

    50x Smile Erasers is an opportunity to save money and buy a larger quantity of a party bag favourites at a reduced price.

    The Smile erasers are a small, round fun eraser roughly the size of a 10p piece. The erasers have a fun emoji-style face and are suitable for girls and boys.

    A mixed supply of designs will be sent with each order

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    30x Football Pencils with Eraser

    30x Football Pencils with Eraser Topper allows you to buy 30 pencils and erasers at a reduced price.

    The pencils have a football design and a removable round football eraser.