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    Happy Birthday Party Bag Gifts

    Our Happy Birthday Party Bag Gifts includes a selection of economical and fun party bag gifts suitable for a wide age range of girls and boys.

    Happy Birthday Party Bag Gifts – Contents

    Every party bag filler includes the following items:

    • a Flying Glider;
    • a high bouncing jet ball;
    • a Smiley Pencil,
    • a Smiley Eraser, and
    • a Stretchy Man.

    5 party bag gifts.


    This item does not include a party bag,  You will need to purchase a party bag of your own choice to complete the item, or you can use it to add to another pre-filled party bag if you want more gifts.

    If you purchased these items separately from us at their pre-sale prices they cost 81p. The same items only cost 70p when you buy combined together them in this party bag filler.


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    Smiley Party Filler

    Our Smiley Party Filler includes a selection of popular party bag toys suitable for girls and boys.

    Smiley Party Filler – Contents

    Ever Smiley party bag filler contains the following set of gifts:

    • A small pack of modelling clay;
    • a Troll Pencil Topper;
    • a stand up Dinosaur Eraser;
    • a jet ball, and
    • a pirate pencil.

    5 party bag gifts.

    Our combined item party fillers include a selection of gifts combined together, sold as a single item and reduced in price. If you bought these items individually from us they cost £1.01 If you buy the same items combined together in this party filler they only cost 80p. This saves you 21p per party filler.

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    Glamour Purse Party Filler

    Our Glamour Purse party filler contains a selection of popular party bag gifts suitable for girls aged 6 years plus.

    Glamour Purse Party Filler – Contents

    Every party filler includes the following set of gifts:

    •  A Glamour Girl activity book filled with quizzes, colouring pages and puzzles;
    • a glitter coin purse;
    • a wooden bracelet kit;
    • a colour swap crayon, and
    • a scented eraser.

    5 party bag gifts