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    Hello Kitty Pre-filled Party Bag

    A Hello Kitty Pre-filled Party bag suitable for girls aged 3 to 9 years. It includes cute and novelty stationery and colouring activities.

    Hello Kitty Pre-filled Party Bag – Contents

    Every pre-filled party bag includes the following party bag and gifts:

    • A”Hello Kitty” party bag;
    • a colour by numbers book;
    • a Gingerbread Man Colour Swap crayon;
    • a sheet of  butterfly stickers; and
    • a rabbit eraser.

    They Hello Kitty party bag has a different design on either side. If you purchased these items from us individually they cost £1.07. However, when you purchase the same items in this pre-filled party bag they only cost 95p. This saves you 12p per pre-filled party bag.



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    Lip Gloss Party Filler

    Our Lip Gloss Party Filler includes a selection of fun and practical gifts for girls with a sweet item included.

    Lip Gloss Party Filler – Contents

    Every party bag filler includes the following gifts:

    • A Princess Lip Gloss, with a small lip brush and two lip gloss colours;
    • a glitter coin purse;
    • a mini scented notebook;
    • a lightly scented eraser, and
    • a candy lipstick.
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    Little Angel Party Bag

    A fun lilac Little Angel, party bag. H23cm x W14.5cm. The design only appears on the front of the party bag.

    Reduced at the wholesalers, so we bought a few and saved more! Perfect if you do not want to spend a lot on a party bag or have a lot of guests

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    Lip Gloss Pre-Filled Party Bag

    Our Lip Gloss Pre-filled Party Bag contains a selection of gifts for girls.

    Lip Gloss Pre-filled Party Bag – Contents

    Every pre-filled party bag includes the following items:

    • A pink polka dot paper party bag;
    •  a coin purse;
    • a princess lip-gloss;
    • a mini scented notebook;
    • a lightly scented eraser, and
    • a candy lipstick.