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    Minions Party Bag

    A  fun Minions Party Bag featuring your favourite characters from the films. The party bag is suitable for girls and boys from a wide age range. Please note; the Minions design only appears on the front of this party bag, the reverse of the party bag is plain white.

    Minions Party Bag- Dimensions

    The dimensions of the party bag are approximately; height 22cm x Width 16 cm approximately, including handles.

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    Minions Bubble Tubs

    60ml bubble tubs with everyone’s favourite Minions on the outer wrapper and a puzzle top.

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    Minions Party Box

    A Minions party box, suitable for food or gifts.  The design appears on the long side of the box and continues around the side. The design is then repeated again on the other two sides.

    Party boxes are dispatched flat-packed, if you press the corners they soon pop into shape. They are sealed with the side tabs.

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    Minions Stickers

    5 Sheets of “Despicable Me Stickers.” Please note the sheets have varying numbers of stickers per sheet, one sheet has female characters only.

    The sheets of stickers are taller than most party bags, height 26.5cm approx

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    Minions Bubbles Pre-filled Party Bag

    Our Minions Bubbles Pre-filled Party Bag includes a party bag and gifts suitable for younger children. The contents of this party bag include Minions bubbles and then popular party bag gifts for younger children

    Minions Bubbles Pre-filled Party Bag – Contents.

    This pre-filled party bag includes the following items:

    • A Minions Party Bag;
    • a Minions Bubbles Tub with puzzle top;
    • a mini stint glider;
    • a jumping frog, and
    • jazzy blow-out

    1 party bag and 4 party bag gifts.

    If you purchased this party bag and contents from us as individual items they cost £1.05. If you purchase the same items combined together and sold as this item they only cost 85p. This saves you 20p per pre-filled party bag.

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    Minions Party Filler

    The Minions Party Filler includes a selection of Minions themed party bag gifts for Stuart, Kevin & Bob fans.

    Minions Party Filler- Contents

    Every party filler consists of the following items:

    • a disc launcher with a Minion on the disc;
    • a Minions spinning top,
    • a Minions puzzle,
    • and a Minions bouncing ball.

    4 party bag gifts



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    Minions Pre-filled Party Bag

    The Minions pre-filled party bag includes a selection of Minions themed party bag gifts.

    Minions Pre-filled Party Bag – Contents

    Every pre-filled party bag consists of the following items:

    • Minions party bag,
    • a disc launcher,
    • a spinning top,
    • a  puzzle and,
    • a bouncing ball.

    1 party bag & 4 party bag gifts

    We also sell the same items as a party bag filler. Party bag fillers do not include a party bag, this allows you to choose your own party bag or box.

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    Minions Candles

    Add the finishing touches to your Minions themed party with a set of 4 miniature Minions figures as a candle.

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