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    Princess Pencil, Eraser and Notebook

    Our princess pencil, eraser and notebook combines items frequently purchased together and reduces the price. This pack consists of an Ice Princess pencil with a snowflake shaped eraser topper and a holographic notebook.

    If you purchase these items from us individually they cost 53p each, if you purchase them as this combined item they only cost 45p, saving you 8p per set.

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    50x Football Notebooks

    50x Football Notebooks allows you to save money as part of our price reductions for bulk purchases.

    The Football Notebooks are available in three designs. The notebook pages are coloured and the front cover design is replicated on the inner pages. The inner pages of the notebook are made with good quality paper.

    We will send a mix of the designs with each order. This discounted price is only available for orders of 50 Football Notebooks.

    We do also sell Football Notebooks as a single item or at a slightly reduced price when combined with one of the football pencils with an eraser topper. The unit cost for buying these items is higher when you buy this item in quantities of less than 50 notebooks.

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    Fish Pencil, Eraser and Notebook

    A selection of party bag favourites, a pencil and shaped eraser with a fish design and a holographic notebook. Popular with girls and boys.

    We have reduced the price by 8p for buying these two items together.


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    Football Notebook

    A football themed notebook, the front cover design is replicated on the inner pages. Available in three designs

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    Pirate Notebook

    A  pirate themed notebook, perfect for noting details of hidden treasure.

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    Pirate Notebook and Pencil

    Our Pirate Notebook and Pencil combines two popular party bag gifts and sells them as a single item at a reduced price.

    If you purchase these items from us as a single item they cost 27p. However if you purchase them combined together in this item, they only cost 23p. This saves you another 4p on our sale prices.

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    Snowflake Notebook

    A little, spiral bound notebook with a snowflake design cover and blank white pages inside.

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    Dinosaur Notebook

    A quality, cute dinosaur notebook with the coloured front picture repeated on the writing/drawing pages. Suitable for girls and boys. Approximately 8.5cm high.

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    Dinosaur Pencil, Eraser and Notebook

    Our Dinosaur Pencil, Eraser and Notebook combines popular items regularly purchased together and then we have reduced the price. The two items normally cost 53p if you purchase them from us separately. They are only 45p for the two if you purchase this combination set.

    Dinosaur Pencil, Eraser and Notebook-Design choices.

    The Holographic notebook comes in 6 different colours, the dinosaur pencil and eraser has 4 different design. A random selection of each item will be sent unless a request is received at the point of placing an order.


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