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    Paint and Puzzle Pre-filled Party Bag

    Our Paint and Puzzle Pre-filled Party Bag is a very busy pre-filled party bag filled with activities for girls.

    Paint and Puzzle Pre-filled Party Bag – Contents

    Every pre-filled party bag includes the following items:

    • A fuschia paper party bag with flat handles;
    • a butterfly or bee paint set with a paint, brush and a Plaster of Paris shaped bee or butterfly;
    • a Fun Puzzle Book;
    • a Gingerbread Man Crayon;
    • a Rabbit Eraser, and
    • a Puzzle Snake.

    1 party bag and 5 gifts.

    If you purchased the items in this pre-filled party bag from us as individual items they cost £2.02. When you purchase the same items combined together in this pre-filled party bag they only cost £1.80. This saves you 22p per pre-filled party bag.


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    Butterfly Paint Set

    The Butterfly Paint Set consists of a plaster butterfly, 4 paint pots and a paintbrush. The plaster shape is available in two designs; a butterfly and what appears to be more of an insect hovering above a large flower.

    We will send a random selection with each order, we always try to send a similar quantity of each design with each order, this is dependant upon stock available and order quantity.

    Butterfly Paint Set – Pack Size-Caution

    This is a larger item and will not fit into every party bag with ease. Each pack measures 21cm height x 14cm width x 2.5cm depth. The Butterfly Paint Sets fit into some of the larger Birthday party bags (plastic). The paint sets just about fit into the paper party bags without handles but it is difficult to fold down the top of the bag and maintain the shape.