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    Pull Back Butterfly and Bees

    The Pull Back Butterfly and Bees are brightly coloured butterfly & bee designs placed onto a flywheel. Pull them back and they will race forward.

    They are available in a selection of brightly coloured designs. We will send a mixture of designs with each order.

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    Solar System Colour In Mobile

    Each kit contains 1 large pre-printed card mobile header, 8 assorted pre-printed card planets (Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars,  Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune), silver cord and instructions. H24cm x W24cm. Please note this item is too large for the smaller party bags.

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    Pony Tattoo

    A cute Pony Tattoo complete with its own necklace and a flower in its mane.

    Pony Tattoo – Dimensions.

    The dimensions for the backing card with this temporary tattoo are approximately 3.8cm x 3.8cm.


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    Pirate Stickers

    A sheet containing 15 pirate stickers. CE Registered 3yrs+

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    Smiley Stretchy Man

    A Smiley Stretchy Man.

    Stretch him, wrap his legs behind his head, fling him across the room and this little man still smiles.

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    Stretchy Spider

    Be careful where you leave them, horrible, fleshy, stretchy spiders.

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    Glamour Girl Sticker Activity Book

    The Glamour Girl Sticker Activity Book includes puzzles, stickers, dot-to-dot and colouring pages.

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    Glitter Coin Purse

    The glitter coin purses have a zip closure and a small chain to hang inside bags and rucksacks. They are available in pink, blue, silver or white and have a little sparkling star pattern.

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    Bubbly Party Bag Filler

    Our Bubbly Party Bag Filler includes a selection of basic party bag favourites. You may use this as a cheap solution to your party bag needs. Alternatively, you may want to take advantage of the low price for your party basics and then add a few items of your own choice.

    Bubbly Party Bag Filler – Contents

    Every Bubbly party bag filler includes the following party bag gifts:

    • A punch balloon;
    • a smiley stretchy man;
    • a pirate pencil, and
    • a smile eraser.

    4 party bag goodies.

    This party bag filler includes a selection of gifts combined together, sold as a single item and reduced in price. If you purchased these items from us individually they cost 68p. When you buy the same items combined together in this party filler they only cost 57p. This saves you 11p per party filler.

    Our combined party bag fillers include a selection of party bag gifts, sold at a reduced price. This item does not include a party bag. This allows you to choose your own style of party bag or box whilst still saving money.

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    Princess Stationery Set

    The set includes pencil, sharpener, eraser and ruler, all with a fairytale princess design. These are a popular way to add a few useful items to a party bag at a low price.

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