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    95p Party Sweet Bag

    THe 95p Party Sweet Bag includes; clear cello party bag with twist ties, 1x Double Dip, 1x candy whistle, 1x small 10p pack of Haribo Star-Mix, 1xSherbet Tub, 1x Fruity Pop, 1x Refresher chew, 2x Rainbow Dust Straws and 4x Chocolate Football. 1 clear cello party bag & 12 items of sweets.

    If you purchased these items individually from us they would cost £1.09p, If you buy this Party Sweet Bag they are only 95p.

    Please note you will need to put the sweets into the party bag and seal the bag. We do not send any of our party bags already filled, this ensures the bags and contents arrive without being crushed or crumpled after they have bounced their way from us to you. 

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    Rainbow Dust Straws

    The Rainbow Dust Straws are a firm party bag favourite.  Rainbow Dust Straws are a popular party sweet for children aged 5 years+ whilst also being a cheap addition to your party bag.

    Each tube is filled with fruit flavoured candy powder. If you are including sweets in your party bag for the first time the plastic casing means the sweets cannot be opened until your guest is home.

    The Retro Party Bag sweet has been loved by generations of children. Snip the top of the plastic tube and then pour the fizzy fruit flavour candy powder onto your tongue.

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    Haribo Star Mix

    Little packs of Haribo Star Mix.