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    Christmas Pencil

    A pencil with a festive design topped with a Christmas themed eraser. Available in 3 designs. A selection of each design will be sent in accordance with your order.

    If you require a specific item, please notify us in the shopping cart area, email us or use the web form on the “Home” page.

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    Pirate Pencil

    The Pirate Pencil has a bright pirate theme. Every pencil has an eraser topper.

    Pirate pencils are suitable for younger boys and girls and are a popular and inexpensive gift for pirate-themed parties.

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    Snowflake Notebook and Pencil

    A Snowflake Notebook and Pencil, combined together and reduced in price.

    Notebooks and pencils are a popular addition to a party bag for school-aged children. We have therefore combined some of our more popular themed combinations and reduced their price.  This gives you a quick and cost-effective way to increase the number count of gifts in your party bag.

    The Snowflake design is popular at Christmas but following the success of the “Frozen Film” snowflakes are now a popular item all year round.


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    Troll Pencil Topper with Pencil

    The Troll Pencil Topper with Pencil combines two of our products and reduced the price.  Trolls and Smiley pencils are suitable for a wide age range of girls and boys.

    The Smiley pencils have an eraser topper. The trolls are capable of being fixed to the top of a pencil but can also be used as a little troll toy with wild bright hair. The trolls are available with three brave hair colours, bright red, bold green and a peachy orange.

    If you purchased the two items from us as individual items they cost 32p, if you purchase them combined they only cost 30p.

    Troll Pencil Topper with Pencil – Size of Trolls

    The Trolls are very roughly 4cm high (minus the hair) to a maximum of 3cm wide.

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    Football Pencil with Eraser

    A pencil and eraser with a football design.

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    Pirate Notebook, Pencil and a Punch Balloon

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    50x Pirate Pencils

    50x Pirate Pencils is part of our bulk purchase products sold at a discounted price.

    The Pirate Pencil is a popular party bag gift suitable for girls and boys. They are also an excellent way to add an extra item to your party bag for a very low price. The height of the pencil guarantees your party bag will not have a few small items hiding at the bottom of your party bag.

    Pirate Pencil – Party Bag Ideas

    As a popular party bag gift, we have included the pirate pencils in some of our unisex pre-filled party bags and party fillers. Our Pre-filled party bags and party fillers include a selection of party gifts combined together and then reduced in price. The pre-filled party bags also include a party bag. They provide you with a quick party bag solution whilst still saving money.…-a-punch-balloon/

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    Fish Pencil, Eraser and Notebook

    A selection of party bag favourites, a pencil and shaped eraser with a fish design and a holographic notebook. Popular with girls and boys.

    We have reduced the price by 8p for buying these two items together.


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    Smile Pencil

    The Smile Pencil has an eraser topper and a yellow, smiling face design.

    Pencils are a popular party bag gift, the Smile pencils only cost 10p each.

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    Neon Pencil

    A Neon Pencil with an HB nib and an eraser at the top. The pencils measure approximately 19cm in length. If you wish to add these items to a party box it is important to check the length of the box. The bright neon design makes these pencils suitable for all ages, particularly older children. They are also suitable for generic party bags gifts when you want to buy the same gifts for both girls and boys.

    Neon Pencil _Colours Available.

    The pencils are available in the following neon colours:

    • green;
    • yellow;
    • orange;
    • pink, and
    • purple.
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    Ice Princess Pencil with Eraser

    The Ice Princess Pencil with Eraser is a princess themed pencil with an eraser topper. The pencil with eraser is a two-in-one party bag gift. The erasers are weighty and substantial. Due to the weight of the eraser, your guest is likely to remove it after a little writing and drawing, therefore, leaving your guest with a pencil and eraser addition to their pencil-case.

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    Dinosaur Pencil, Eraser and Notebook

    Our Dinosaur Pencil, Eraser and Notebook combines popular items regularly purchased together and then we have reduced the price. The two items normally cost 53p if you purchase them from us separately. They are only 45p for the two if you purchase this combination set.

    Dinosaur Pencil, Eraser and Notebook-Design choices.

    The Holographic notebook comes in 6 different colours, the dinosaur pencil and eraser has 4 different design. A random selection of each item will be sent unless a request is received at the point of placing an order.


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    Snowflake Pencil

    A pencil with a snowflake design, only 10p each. These are popular with girls of all ages……and a few mums!




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    Star Wars Force Awakens Tin Pencil Case

    A Star Wars metal pencil case with the design on the outside (top & Bottom) and with a plain white interior.

    Interior length 19.5cm x interior width 5.75cm. Exterior height 2cm.

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    Troll Pencil Topper

    The Troll Pencil Topper is a true retro party bag gift, suitable for a wide age range of girls and boys.

    The trolls are either a pencil topper with wild long hair or a little troll toy with wild bright hair. The trolls are available with three brave hair colours, bright red, bold green and a peachy orange.

    The Trolls are very roughly 4cm high (minus the hair) to a maximum of 3cm wide.

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    Princess Pencil, Eraser and Notebook

    Our princess pencil, eraser and notebook combines items frequently purchased together and reduces the price. This pack consists of an Ice Princess pencil with a snowflake shaped eraser topper and a holographic notebook.

    If you purchase these items from us individually they cost 53p each, if you purchase them as this combined item they only cost 45p, saving you 8p per set.

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    Frozen Pencil with Eraser

    A pencil with a “Frozen” design topped with a themed eraser. Available in three designs. A random selection will be sent unless otherwise specified in the “special instructions” section within the shopping cart or by separate email.

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