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    Princess Pencil, Eraser and Notebook

    Our princess pencil, eraser and notebook combines items frequently purchased together and reduces the price. This pack consists of an Ice Princess pencil with a snowflake shaped eraser topper and a holographic notebook.

    If you purchase these items from us individually they cost 53p each, if you purchase them as this combined item they only cost 45p, saving you 8p per set.

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    Princess at the Ball Party Bag

    A clear party bag with a princess at the ball design. H22.5cm x W15.5

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    Princess Sticker Activity Book

    Includes puzzles, stickers, dot-to-dot and colouring pages all based around a princess and castle theme.

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    Princess Invitations with Thank You Notes

    A pack with 10 sheets of party invitations, 10 sheets of thank you notes and 20 envelopes all with a princess theme

    We have matching party bags also in this design.

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    Ice Princess Pencil with Eraser

    The Ice Princess Pencil with Eraser is a princess themed pencil with an eraser topper. The pencil with eraser is a two-in-one party bag gift. The erasers are weighty and substantial. Due to the weight of the eraser, your guest is likely to remove it after a little writing and drawing, therefore, leaving your guest with a pencil and eraser addition to their pencil-case.

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    Princess Party Box

    A princess party box, with  ponies, unicorns, pretty dresses, carriages and castles. There is a different image on each side.

    The party boxes are  suitable for food or gifts.  All party boxes are despatched flat-packed but soon pop into shape when you push on the sides. The party boxes are sealed with the side tabs.

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    Cinderella Party Bag

    A Disney Cinderella party bag, for the ultimate fairytale princess story.

    Cinderella Party Bag – Dimensions

    The party bag dimensions are approximately; height 22cm x width 16.5 cm.

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    Princess Tattoo

    A princess tattoo, available in six princess themed designs and popular with all ages. A random selection will be sent with each order unless a specific request is received at the point of ordering,

    Backing height 4.7cm x width 4.7cm approximately.

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    Princess Stationery Set

    The set includes pencil, sharpener, eraser and ruler, all with a fairytale princess design. These are a popular way to add a few useful items to a party bag at a low price.

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    Disney Princess Party Box

    A Disney Princess party box with Cinderella and Rapunzel on one side and Belle and Ariel on the reverse side. Suitable for food or gifts, the boxes are despatched flat but pop into shape when you gently push the sides. The Disney Princess boxes are closed and secured with the side tabs.

    Outer base length 16cm x width 10.5cm x height of main box (not including handles and lid) 8.5cm

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    Princess Party Bag Gifts

    The Princess Party Bag Gifts includes a selection of princess themed gifts suitable for younger school-aged girls. This item contains gifts only, allowing you to choose your own party bag. We also have a Disney Princess Pre-filled Party Bag which includes a party bag and the same gifts listed here.

    Princess Party Bag Gifts- Contents

    The Princes Party Bag Gifts includes the following items:

    • A Princess Stationery set which consists of a ruler, eraser, pencil and sharpener;
    • A Princess Sticker Activity Book  and a
    • Perfumed Mini Notebook.

    If you purchase these items from us separately they cost £1.27. If you purchase the same items grouped together in this pre-filled party bag they only cost £1.15.