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    Purple Cello Party Bag

    The Purple Cello Party Bag is a versatile and economical solution for your party bag needs. Purple is a popular colour for girls and boys, the party bag also coordinates with the colours in a lot of our patterned cello party bags. This allows you to recognise the contents of your party bag if your contents differ. If you mix different colours and patterns for your party bags you will create a striking and vibrant look for your end of party gifts.

    Purple Cello Party Bag – Dimensions

    The dimensions of the cello party bag are approximately; height 28cm x width 12.5cm x gusset 5.5cm.

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    Purple Scalloped Name Label

    The Purple Scalloped Name Label is a quick and simple solution to personalise your party bags. The labels are suitable to be used as a name label for you to write the name of your guest, or you may want to write your own personal”Thank-you” message on your party bags.

    The labels are circular with a plain white centre and a blue coloured scalloped edge. The back of the labels are sticky for you to attach either seal a party bag or they can be attached to a party bag as decoration.

    Purple Scalloped Name Label -Dimensions

    The label is approximately 5cm in diameter.

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    Purple Paper Party Bag

    A purple paper party bag with a flat bottom to ensure your party bag will stand up on its own. One of our most popular colours, particularly for boy’s parties.

    Maximum, height 25.5 cm x width 13 cm x  depth 8cm .




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    Purple Paper Party Bag with Flat Handles

    A Purple Paper Party Bag with Flat Handles. Party bags with flat handles have a larger capacity than the cello, birthday and paper party bags without handles, whilst avoiding the higher prices of the paper party bags with twist handles and premium paper.  The sturdy flat handles also make these party bags easier to carry if you are including a lot of gifts or may have heavier items.

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    Large Purple Candy Stripe Paper Party Bag

    The Large Purple Candy Stripe Paper Party Bag with Flat Handles is one of are largest party bags. The party bag is suitable for picture books, Tshirts and larger gifts. The handles make it easier for younger children to carry heavier items.

    The Candy Stripe range is a very popular party bag design and is popular with girls and boys. We also sell the same design in a smaller size.

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    Purple Panda Two Tier Pencil Case

    The Purple Panda Two Tier Pencil Case is a metal pencil case. The pencil case has an inner removable”shelf” to organise the contents

    The pencil cases are a good quality with rounded edges. The purple themed colour continues onto the base of the pencil case with the main character from the lid also appearing on the base. Inside there is a removable “shelf” with parts of the timetable to 9 printed upon it.