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    Spider-Man Party Bag

    A Spider-Man party bag with a space to write a name. The rear of this party bag is plain. H23cm (including Handles) x W16.5cm.appr0x

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    Spider-Man Disc Shooters

    Spider-Man disc shooters, available in red or blue.  Load the disc into the launcher, squeeze lightly and the disc flies off gently like a small frisbee.

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    SpiderMan Party Box

    A party box for all Spider-Man fans, suitable for food or gifts.  The party box has a different design on all four sides.

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    Foil Spider-Man Stickers

    A sheet of Foil Spider-Man Stickers. Every sheet of stickers includes 13 foil stickers featuring Spider-Man and the Spider-Man logos. The stickers are foil which allows you to easily remove and re-use the stickers

    The stickers do vary in size. Stickers are always a popular item, foil re-useable stickers are useful as they reduce the risk of damage to furniture and personal items. The stickers can also be re-used which means the owner received a greater play value than the traditional stickers. You can use foil re-useable stickers to personalise items, they are particularly useful for school or nursery items.

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    Superhero Pre-filled Party Bag

    The Superhero Pre-filled Party Bag is suitable for younger children who love to play at saving the world. This is a very popular pre-filled party bag with a collection of active and creative gifts.

    Superhero Pre-filled Party Bag – Contents

    Every Superhero pre-filled party bag includes the following party bag and gifts:

    • a superhero party bag;
    • a superhero EVA mask;
    • a superhero notebook;
    • a superhero pencil, and
    • a colour-in superhero finger puppet.

    1 party bag, and 4party bag gifts.

    Our pre-filled party bags include a party bag and gifts, sold as a single item and then reduced in price. If you purchased these items from us as individually they cost 96p. When you purchase the same items combined together in this pre-filled party bag they only cost 86p. This saves you 10p per pre-filled party bag.

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    Spider-Man Pre-filled Party Bag

    Our Spider-Man Pre-filled Party Bag consists of a Spider-Man party bag and 6 Spider-Man themed party bag gifts.

    The Spider-Man gifts consist of a Spider-Man prism viewer, A Spider-Man face spinning disc, A Spider-Man whistle, A mini Spider-Man hand clapper, A Spider-Man Fuzzy Ball and a Spider-Man maze puzzle.