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    Spider-Man Candles

    A set of four Spider-Man candles for your superhero birthday cake. The Spider-Man candles set includes three smaller candles and a larger centre-piece candle. Mix them with  red and blue traditional candles.

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    Superhero Temporary Tattoo

    The Superhero Temporary Tattoo is a popular addition to party bags for boys. The tattoo is available in 12 designs. Some designs feature generic characters, other features phrases associated with the cartoon characters.

    Superhero Temporary Tattoo – Dimensions

    The dimensions of the backing card for this temporary tattoo are approximately, 4cm high x 4 cm wide.

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    Superhero Stickers

    A sheet of 12 Superhero Stickers.  The stickers are great for decorating pencil cases, lunch boxes and personal belongings.

    Superhero Stickers – Further items in this range.

    The stickers are part of a range of party bag gifts we have with a traditional superhero design. Further items in this design include superhero tattoos, pencils, notebook, EVA face masks, party boxes and party bags.

    We also sell a superhero-themed pre-filled party bag and party bag filler. Our Superhero themed pre-filled party bag includes a party bag and a selection of party bag gifts combined together and sold at a reduced price.