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    Candy Party Cello

    The Candy Party Cello is a clear cello party bag with sweets and a party pattern printed onto the party bag. The design appears on the front and rear of the party bag.

    Cello Party Bags are a very popular party bag. They are suitable for a wide age range of adults and children. The party bags are available in a wide variety of colours and patterns, many of which complement each other.  This, therefore, enables you to identify gifts for different age groups and genders. At only 8p per party bag you can create your own colourful selection of gift bags without spending a lot of money.

    Cello party bags are also a popular choice for gifting home-baked items.

    Candy Party Cello – Dimensions

    The dimensions of this party bag are approximately: Height 28.5 cm x width 12.5 cm x Gusset width 5.5cm.

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    80p Party Sweet Cone

    Our 80p Party Sweet Cone is the cheaper version of our pre-filled party sweet cones. Our pre-filled party sweet cones include a selection of sweets and a party cone combined together and then reduced in price.

    Sweet cones provide a cost-effective solution for older children and adults.

    Please note: you will need to put the sweets into the sweet cone and seal the bags. We do not send any of our party bags already filled.  Parcels have a rough and bouncy journey between leaving us and arriving at your door. All similar items are carefully packaged together and clearly labelled. This ensures the bags and contents arrive without being crushed, crumpled or contents spilt everywhere. Packaging your goods in this manner also allows us to maintain a low delivery cost.

    80p Party Sweet Cone – Contents

    Our 80p party sweet cone includes the following selection of sweets and party cone:

    • A balloons party sweet cone with twist ties, please see below for further options;
    • a candy whistle;
    • a box of Spiderman Candy sticks with sticker enclosed;
    • a roll of Mini Love Hearts;
    • a small 10p pack of Haribo Star-Mix;
    • a Fruity Lollipop;
    • a Sherbet Tub;
    • 2x Rainbow Dust Straws, and
    • 1x Chocolate Football.

    1 sweet cone & 9 items of sweets.

    If you purchased these items individually from us they would cost 92p, If you buy the same items combined in this party sweet cone they are only 80p. This saves you 12p per sweet cone.

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    Fizzers are a great retro sweet which are also perfect for party bags. Every roll of sweets has an average of 15 fruit flavour fizzy discs. Fizzers are a popular party bag sweet which also provides a lot of little sweets for your party bags. They are only 8p per roll and are popular with adults and children.

    Sweets are a popular party bag treat for older children. Sweets allow you to provide an economic gift for older children who have already received many party bag gifts and have perhaps moved on to more sophisticated gifts.

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    Haribo Maoam Stripes

    Maoam Stripes; available in 5 flavours, each chew is approximately 7g each

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    Tongue Painter Lollipop

    The Tongue Painter Lollipop is a cherry flavoured lollipop available in three colours; red, blue and green.

    As their name suggests, these lollipops are meant to leave a temporary colour stain on your tongue. So, if a blue, green or slightly red tongue is fun for your guests, these will, therefore, be a fun addition to your party bags gifts.

    All of the party bag sweets we sell are individually wrapped. This therefore ensures your guests receive “clean”sweets, which are ready for consumption whilst ensuring your other party bag gifts are not covered in a gooey mess.