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    Little Ones Pre-Filled Party Bag

    Our Little Ones Pre-filled Party Bag is suitable for younger children. It includes a selection of popular party bag gifts suitable for children aged 3 to 6years.

    Little Ones Pre-filled Party Bag – Contents

    Every pre-filled party bag contains the following party bag and selection of gifts:

    • A Fin Friends Cello Party Bag, with twist ties to seal the party bag;
    • a Fish Pencil with Eraser;
    • a Punch Balloon;
    • a Mini Tambourine, and
    •  a Cat Hand Puppet Tattoo.

    4 gifts and a party bag


    Our pre-filled party bags consist of a party bag and gifts, sold as a single item and reduced in price. If you purchase these items separately from us they cost £1.05 per party bag. If you purchase the same items in this pre-filled party bag they only 88p. This saves you 17p per pre-filled party bag.