Birthday Girl Party Filler


Our Birthday Girl Party Filler is part of our economical range of combined party bag gifts. This set of party bag gifts includes a selection of popular party gifts suitable for a wide age range of gifts. This item DOES NOT include a party bag. This allows you to choose a party bag to suit the style of your party whilst still saving money.

Birthday Girl Party Filler  РContents

Every Birthday Girl Party Bag Filler includes the following items:

  • A Butterfly Tattoo;
  • a Flying Glider;
  • a Smile Pencil;
  • a Rabbit Eraser, and
  • a Troll Pencil Topper

5 Party Bag Gifts

If you purchased the gifts included in this party filler from us as individual items they cost 88p. If you purchase the same items combined in this party filler they only cost 72p. This saves you 16p per set of party bag gifts.

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