Flying Gliders

Flying Gliders

Slot together World War II flying Gliders. Available in 12 designs, the harder you throw them the higher they fly. A challenge for all ages.

The gliders come flat packed in a paper envelope with a picture of the World War II plane on the front. A selection is sent with each order.



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Flying Gliders are a traditional favourite for party bag gifts.  The Flying Gliders are flat-packed in an envelope with a picture of the World War II plane on the front.

The Gliders come in four parts, main body, wing, tail wing and propeller front. The harder you throw the plane the further they will fly. They therefore remain a challenge and fun for all ages

The gliders are available in 12 designs. We will send a random selection with each order unless we receive a specific request from you at the point of placing an order,



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