Happy Pre-Filled Party Bag

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Our Happy Pre-filled Party Bag is an economical party bag suitable for girls and boys. The party bag is suitable to be used as it comes or as a good way to buy some party bag basics and then add a few choices of your own.

Happy Pre-filled Party Bag – Contents

This Pre-Filled Party Bag consists of the following items:

  • a yellow Happy Birthday party bag;
  • a smiley pencil with an eraser topper;
  • a holographic notepad;
  • a mini glider, and
  • a jazzy blow-out.

1 party bag and 4 gifts.

The gifts inside this party bag are popular with a wide age range of children making it easier to cater for mixed age group parties. The low price makes this an ideal party bag for when you have to buy for the whole class.

The Happy Pre-filled party bag only costs 75p each. If you purchase the same items from us separately they cost 85p in total. You therefore save 10p per pre-filled party bag.


Jazzy Blowouts- Change to Product

Due to a change in EU legislation please see below for details to the change in the level of noise the product makes.

This item has been classified as a Toy Product due to the play value to a child and because of this, the item must now pass stricter safety/ testing processes to ensure the product complies to the EU Toy Safety Directive.

Because the product is classified as a mouth activated toy the width of the blowout foil/paper has been increased to 4cm to ensure the paper/foil can not fit into a small parts cylinder and is therefore not deemed to be a small part that could be swallowed by a child.

The noise of the blowout has had to be reduced due to the acoustic level restriction that a toy is permitted to make, this change was enforced due to a change in the permitted acoustic levels of the EU Toy Safety Directive.





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