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Practical Party Bag Ideas-Children’s Travel Packs

Children’s Travel Packs.

I am frequently asked for ideas for practical party bag ideas so I will share some of the practical uses we have for our party bag goods and some of the ideas our customers have for their party bags.

The summer holidays are almost here and so I thought it may be useful to combine two themes and discuss what we are taking on holiday to entertain the children.  The items we take are fairly similar to those we take on long journeys and weekends away and are sold in shops as activity or travel packs. They have moved on from when the children were very small and my handbag or the change gab would always contain some broken crayons, a colouring book, and some paper but they are still as useful and still loved now.

I am the person who packs for our holidays, I do not like packing, but I hate re-packing the hand luggage once the suitcases have been checked in even more. I am finally beginning to look forward to our holiday having struggled to leave a house, a business and everything else, the last minute airport purchases just add to the hand baggage meaning more messing. There is nothing I can do about the husband but I do manage the children’s purchases a little better. In a trade-off we take  a variety of items from our stock in Little Party Parcels to keep the children occupied, we avoid resorting to the big packs of sticker, colour, drawing packs for the latest film at the airport and I trade the need to buy these with the promise of some fluffy creatures and probably another pack of scented lip-gloss from the Duty Free. It also means I have something ready to hand if ever we get stuck on the motorway without moving for an hour again. No one needs that level of tension at the start of a holiday.

The party bag items are designed to fit into party bags so they are smaller in height but not quality they also fit into self-seal bags. For those of you who have placed an order with us, you will know I have an unhealthy need to put things into plastic bags particularly the self-seal variety. The children take responsibility for their own choices in their own goodie bags, it avoids a few arguments, I avoid spending time hunting in the bottom of bags and there is no delving in and out of overhead lockers on the plane. The packs are placed in the seat pockets in the car and then in the seat pockets whilst in the air. Items are rounded up quickly and they are ready to go when we exit the plane and then come in use when the adults need a little time to sort something out and our children start to get a little bored as they wait.

Naturally we have all the usual gadgets with us on holiday but no matter what apps we have our children still have a limited interest span with these items. We also find that they are so used to colouring and drawing in school and nursery they still crave these activities despite the technology

This is a list of practical items we are taking to keep us busy when we do not have a house full of toys at hand.

  • Activity books- the stickers, colouring pages, quizzes and puzzles provide a selection of activities for whatever the mood may be.Due to the size they can also be completed whereas some of the larger colouring books need just a lot of time and patience to complete. Our older child now appreciates the variety of activities and time commitment but in the past these books have been used just to scribble in and remove the stickers.
  • Fun Puzzle Book- what one takes the other must have, these are more suited to the very early school years but the mix of activities are useful when you are strapped in a chair with little activity for a few hours.
  • Gingerbread Man Crayon- These are a really big favourite, unlike colour swap crayons they come apart and then stack back together so you have more than one pencil/crayon for when mum and dad join in the activities and only one pencil/crayon to drop on the floor when the children are busy on their own activities.
  • Playing Cards.- We have taken the children’s playing cards in the past but we are being brave this year and taking a mini pack of playing cards, it may even be a little useful for parents after the children are tucked up in bed and it is still light outside.
  • Mini Notebooks- these are for the children to draw and write in, last year there was a very big pirate theme so they were great for treasure maps, this year I suspect hangman will continue to be popular.
  • Noughts and Crosses- Our youngest is just starting to get to grips with noughts and crosses and because our eldest child has one, the youngest now needs one.
  • Mini Disc Shooter- My husband loves these so whilst I will be trying to tidy our clothes, beach items and the general mess the husband can take the children to chase a disc and wear them out before supper and bed
  • Butterfly stationery set- I do not know why I have agreed to this other than I really need to get on with the packing. According to our eldest she may want to “measure things” and she hasn’t got a pencil to write with. I suppose the stationery sets do come with a pencil and a sharpener which is useful but I am now losing ground.
  • Sweets- I am not comfortable or happy taking sweets but as my husband has pointed out it is better than the huge packets of sweets for adults the airlines and shops sell, it does provide a diversion if necessary, it is a treat, not an everyday event and I will probably have a few glasses of wine over the holiday and they are not good for me either.

All of these items were used on our holiday, they were all a success and they all made it back in their little bags. The stationery items and activity books now live in the car, ready for long car journeys. The mini playing cards were a huge success particularly with our 7 year old who found she loved card patience games and we all spent time together and shared some of the activities