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Party Bag Fillers

Party Bag Fillers


Party Bag Fillers for children are just as much a part of the party fun as the cake and candles.

We have two types of Party Bag Fillers at Little Party Parcels. We sell all of our party bag fillers as individual items, or, we sell our pre-filled party bag gifts as a party filler minus the party bag. https://littlepartyparcels.co.uk/party-bag-fillers/

Individual Party Fillers

Football Pencil and Notebook It is really important to some people that they buy age appropriate gifts that cater suitable for their individual guests. It is really important to us that you can buy exactly what you want in the quantities you need. We also group complementary items which are frequently bought together and reduce their price.

Our business was set up as a direct result of being forced to buy far too many items just to cater for a mixed age range. We hope the range of goods means you can save time, buy all your gifts from one place and not waste money on items you do not want.

Our Party Bag Fillers are organised into the following sections:Balloon Head Animals

  • Babies & Toddlers;
  • Younger Children;
  • Older Children;
  • Party Bag Sweets
  • & just in case you have to caster for a mixed aged range All of our Party Fillers


However, everyone is different and time is important. If you are not sure where to start or need a speedy solution we also sell pre-filled party bags. Our pre-filled party bags are also sold in individual quantities but they combine a selection of party bag gifts. We also reduce the price a little in comparison to buying the items individually. We include a party bag with our pre-filled party bags but our choice may not necessarily fit in with the ideas you or your children may have so we also sell our pre-filled party bags as Party Bag Fillers minus the party bag

Party Bag Fillers

We were receiving an increasing number of requests from customers who wanted one of our pre-filled party bags but they had already purchased a party bag or their child had set their heart on a particular type of party bag. It is not possible to offer every party bag as an option with our pre-filled party bags so instead our pre-filled are also available as a party bag filler, without the party bag. You therefore get to keep your children happy, purchase the party bag you require and save money.

Hello-Kitty-pre-filled-party-bag    Teddy-Party-Filler  Dome-Popper-Pre-filled-Party-Bag   Dome-Popper-Party Bag-Filler  Monster-Pre-filled-Party-Bags  Monster-Party-bag-fillers


Hopefully, this will simplify a little of the party planning process for you. If anyone has a magic wand that makes all parents respond to party invitations and you meet your child’s birthday expectations at the click of a button please let me know.